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  1. Ha! Motoring back up the river. Harbourmaster would get the pricker if we came in under genny
  2. Had a cannon on the bow that fired potatoes. I remember one day Allan was pacing the marina, brick to his ear. Jenny said he was uptight about the "cottage" next door in Paratai Drive being for sale and development might block his view. She smiled and said she'd bought it but hadn't told him. Had the largest arms collection in NZ and a huge shooting range under the house Both Jennys were the centre of attention back then
  3. Was mainsheet trimmer on Mint owned by John Faire in the early 90's. Fun boats. Many an after-race function on the Dave Giddens skippered Jenny G. Namesake owners wife Jenny Gibbs always turned up with massive food platters and rum.
  4. Always easy to moan but the handicappers got it pretty right. Nothing in there that looks out of whack. For some reason the boats behind finished a lot stronger. If you look at the first half of the fleet that finished on racetrack, they mostly only achieved around 95% of racetrack rating whereas the second half were most above 100%. Maybe the oncoming tide pushed them more, the sea flattened, or maybe they just sailed better
  5. No if you look closely you can see the gennaker tack a few feet forward of the bundle. We hoist and drop from the main hatch.
  6. Yep, tack-line out a couple of feet then halyard to the top between the two lower stays, then tack-line then sheet. Opposite to drop, grab sheet, tack-line away bring tack and clew together, bunch up and drop. Thats all assuming you have space to run flat for hoist and drop. Gennakers only
  7. We had a great race. Nailed a good start going with masthead genny when others held back, seeing that the wind would shift aft well aft before motuhie. Ended up in just behind Rogue 2 and a couple of cruising division big boats. Held our spot across to navy buoy then a smoking reach across to the noisies under masthead then 3/4 kite to take the lead of the whole fleet which we held until almost home bay motutapu. then a ten mile beat to windward in a wind against tide chop and we could do nought but watch big-boat after big-boat pass us. we finished 1st in line in our divis
  8. And very pricey. The issue you may have with that type of pedestal is engaging the cleat in a deepish narrow cockpit. But in a Tasman 20 you probably won't be loading the main so hard that you can't push it in with your foot.
  9. Getting sorted
  10. I used to take sundreamer up there for work and antifouling as he had the only travel lift in the region wide enough. He was always very fair on pricing
  11. Not for much longer possibly https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/125651171/court-orders-end-to-feuding-boatbuilding-brothers-stoush-over-7-million-land
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