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  1. Handicaps aside. It's interesting they have gone to phrf for E division. I'm pretty sure last time it was general handicap. Will be interesting to see if that remains or effects numbers as it adds $100 or so to an already expensive week and I can't see the locals who made up half the fleet want to get phrfs for their etchels and solings
  2. Since the council don't lay moorings, I'd imagine there is another conversation going on down the track. Quite possibly the council has little skin in the game
  3. I think the lesson here is more, don't hang in to a boat that you can no longer maintain nor afford to keep in a suitable location. Classique was possibly once a nice boat although the history has a few marks against it. But spending its days deteriorating, swinging all over the harbour on temporary moorings rendering them excluded to the people that may have had a genuine need to use doesn't get much sympathy from me.
  4. Yeah , starts with p, ends with ussies 2 years ago we entered small boat and were told we had to race short haul and should be in long haul. Paid for 6 races and 2 prizegivings, got 4 races, no prizegivings and smashed in 2 of them. Still went out and kicked arse but decided to sit this year out. This year half the boats we beat in short haul and higher divisions are racing in small boat division!
  5. You know what's funny....Ports of Auckland recently commissioned a fully electric tug boat. They have found on delivery that they do not have the electrical infrastructure to fast charge it so they have 2 yes 2 diesel generators parked on the wharf charging it
  6. No wind at all at Whitianga and a big glassy swell
  7. Looks to be tracking east........ euro model predicted this days ago
  8. I see COVID has pushed the date of the RNZYS's 150th Gala dinner out to the same day as the Triple Series 100miler.
  9. Yes that's the one. Bought by the guy that races the sport boat Atomic
  10. The key to both boats in that picture is the twist. The foot of the sail is stretched out but you can see both boats have a reasonable amount of twist in the leech. This would be closely matched to the draft of the mainsail to keep the slot open.
  11. Yep, it's going to be seriously sh*t when they round Three Kings and return to the Cape
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