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  1. No wind at all at Whitianga and a big glassy swell
  2. Looks to be tracking east........ euro model predicted this days ago
  3. I see COVID has pushed the date of the RNZYS's 150th Gala dinner out to the same day as the Triple Series 100miler.
  4. Yes that's the one. Bought by the guy that races the sport boat Atomic
  5. The key to both boats in that picture is the twist. The foot of the sail is stretched out but you can see both boats have a reasonable amount of twist in the leech. This would be closely matched to the draft of the mainsail to keep the slot open.
  6. Yep, it's going to be seriously sh*t when they round Three Kings and return to the Cape
  7. Yeah that kinda makes looking down the traveller redundant we tack through 70 degrees in flat water but that's a whole new ballgame
  8. I saw vixen turn around at the same time as they posted on their page that they had left the gulf. Asked if they were okay but no response and still nothing on their page 11 hours later
  9. Have all the good people at Squadron left? Like the Auckland Regatta shambles, a yacht club that has turned its back on sailing.
  10. Charmonet back in Westhaven. Thank good for the tracker because the Squadron efforts on this race is woeful. The dedicated Facebook page had a flurry of activity in July last year promoting boats that aren't sailing and nothing since November. The race webpage does nothing but direct you to the Facebook page for updates A sad indication of both the state of offshore NZ keelboat racing and the biggest club in NZ's inability to promote their biggest race in years. No wonder the cups gone to Spain
  11. Vixen out and Romanza didn't start by the look of it
  12. I would only call a general recall if I cannot identify the boats. If I can then no general recall whether it's 10% or 90% of the fleet. as far as notifying, yes if you can but in dinghies you can't. Flag goes up, comes down when last boat returns. In a fleet where the boats are required to carry vhfs then I would call the numbers once and answer queries blowing a general recall just because a large number are over just encourages them to push too hard
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