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  1. Deep Purple

    Zig Zag

    Yep, same boat K8512 Trubi bought the old Unitec2 and has probably upgraded it. It never seemed to perform as good as it should He is also rebuilding Elliphunk at the moment. A good FB record page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/298669934744106
  2. There's a fixer upper at HM Pascoe Boatbuilders in Whitianga. Don't know what they are doing with it but it's been there for years and no sign of action.
  3. A client of mine with a beautiful dry stock farm has just sold it for big money to be planted in trees. Take a drive over the Napier Taupo road and see the farms around the Mohaka being planted in trees. Trees that will never be harvested. Communities that no longer need milkers, shearers, fencers, stockmen and truckies.
  4. Having lived, schooled and worked beside the Waikato river for all my life I can confidently say it is far cleaner now than it ever was in the 70's and 80's. Partly better farming practices but also Hamilton and other towns stopped pumping raw sh*t into it
  5. Or the iPhone app "Pocket" which lets you save and read Herald (and others) articles
  6. Channel island would have to be close Castle island off hahei and cape Brett's piercy island as well beehive but that looks like an island
  7. Gannet Rock? Defiantly a rock
  8. Does a roll of stickyback qualify?
  9. And none of those fire extinguisher things a bucket of sand, painted red, marked FIRE for the fighting of...
  10. I agree, you're out of Cat3 at the moment A lot of boats including most multihulls would not be able to use a 50% reef in anger.
  11. Pocket Rocket 22. Used to be one near Devonport. 2 racing up at Opua http://www.racetrack.org.nz/class.php?classid=1151
  12. 27 on Racetrack http://www.racetrack.org.nz/class.php?rnk=2&s=1&classid=232
  13. https://noelex22.org/ Bonito Aquarius is a nice boat https://www.nztya.nz/blog/622971
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