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  1. Had a great race in the Gulf Classic and a good view of the HC Boats as they sailed to Torbay. So did the ship Hopefully no clash next year.
  2. We're doing gulf classic at maraetai
  3. Great event. They got 100+ boats, Quite a few local and Whangarei but also Tauranga and Whitianga Most of the "big" name Auckland 40's and 50's were there and solid fleets below. Weather, organisation, shore facilities, island party were superb.
  4. Most of the serious race boats were up at bay week until Friday night at least
  5. I presented a half model of Sundreamer i had made to the squadron a few years back.
  6. As someone told me once, there are only enough hours in the day for 2 5minute jobs
  7. I don't know who is running RAYC but they are running a sports boat regatta where all the sport boats have to comply with trailer yacht safety regulations part V and have a phrf https://rayc.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Under-26ft-Keelboats-RAYC-NOR-final.pdf
  8. Other than recent events, when/why did Akarana lose their way? Their winter series used to be the biggest game in town. Was it the loss of the tower?
  9. That Doyle release was a bit cryptic
  10. Very cool boat. I sailed a squaddy weekend round the island race on it once. Early 80's
  11. Everything looks about twice what i was paying 6-8 years ago on a variety of options
  12. My solution. Towbar since fitted to camper to create a racer/cruiser
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