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  1. Yeah, towing the boat surrounded by police etc. It's just about there, go and watch live sail die live covering it's arrival now. They actually know whats going on
  2. Still in rangi channel doing 3 knots according to marine traffic.
  3. Live sail die live feed here https://www.facebook.com/livesaildie.official/videos/129774008967086
  4. The race between the pumps and gravity?
  5. The trickle being to creditors when production boats go broke trying to incorporate the current americas cup technology. Gunboat foiler anyone? No... didn't think so either
  6. It's like a formula one race with a pit stop on every lap where the race is decided by who does the quickest tyre changes
  7. Boring and sh*t. It's going to be a long summer
  8. And now gone Looks like we have the numbers. A shame some more of the rock hoppers don't come across. Theres some boats there that would mix it up well
  9. Rego number is clearly visible. Send to harbourmaster
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