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  1. Im bacccck! Sorry about the delay in replying, I have some "senior" issues with remembering my pass word! Ok, I'm not sure if Wheel's friend is having an issue the same boatbuilder that I did, but I strongly suspect so. I have had some serious b*llshit happen with a guy called XXXX, who ran xxxxx Boat builders. There was a thread at the time.... see http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/6955-name-and-shameupdate/?hl=boat+builder&do=findComment&comment=100957 It got really ugly, My boat was ARRESTED and it ended up going through the high court . It cost me heaps to
  2. Hi Pumbaa, was yours the 780 express that was for sale on trade me last year??, if so, do you still have it or know where it went?
  3. Is that right S****n?, He didnt do too well with booking up house building materials to a boatbuilding job! I'm sure i can get hold of that judgment if you wanna see it! Ohh and by the way, to quote you... "he has an extremely good history of defending himself against people like me" Ohh isn't that just an admission of previous history? I'm just another poor sap that has fallen victim to his antics, this is verified by your own admission that this sort of dispute is NOT new to him and that there IS a history of this sort of activity. And here you are boasting about his suc
  4. TrinaD seems to be a bit confused. I had no proir knowlege of this BB. He comes across as a really nice guy, helpfull, and someone that you feel confident about doing work on your boat for you. But to quote from a lawyers letter sent to him recently ... "it appears that this is your modis operandi" What i did say, was, that since having dealings with this BB, i have had an enormous amount of feedback and information regarding him. And from that, it appears that i am not alone with having issues with him (both previously AND currently) and that this sort practice has been going on as fa
  5. It might appear to be that way Motorbike, but this is not just a case of "person A having a bitch at person B" Without saying too much, i am certainly not alone in this situation with this particular BB, and it appears that he has been operating this way for years. So the reason for raising this post is not about airing dirty laundry, it's to inform and hopefully protect others from the same fate. I certainly would have been grateful if i had read a similar thread to this before pulling out there....
  6. Well, it looks like this thread has kicked off again... To answer a few questions that have been raised by Whetu... And yes, i do suspect that Whetu does have an association with the BB, as only those there could have known the details of some of the things he said. So..... Why quote a job at $13,000 knowing that you are going to charge well in excess of that? Why "condition" the owner that the price might go to maybe 15 or 20k from the minute it is moved into the shed? Why not listen to the owner that states very clearly "i'm working to a budget and cant afford any over-runs? Why wa
  7. As my earlier thread has been deposited into the naughty file (thanks guys!) i thought i would give an update as to what has been happenning. The latest invoice for the job (quoted at $13,000) is now at $41,000! But... - I have the boat back - Have paid $22,000, and still owe $17,000 (he felt sorry for me and gave me a discount!) - Lawyer has been appointed... Lawyer knows this guy as he has sued him before for work done to the lawyers own boat! - Admiralty Act looked into, and looking shakey... - Tresspass Order served... - Marina security notified and on alert... - Letter being s
  8. Hey Ropey! Have you shot anyone from a 3rd storey window... across the road... through another window... and hit them in the eye with a talurit from a shangai lately!!! Just found and read yr thread. If you haven't had the lumpy bit at the bottom done yet, i can help you out with the lead . I'm in the phone book... Hillzeee
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