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  1. I can come stay with ya, I have been house trained....sometimes
  2. Early season regatta perfect for a new boat..... Ross 780s looking like having 6 or more any other boats keen be great to have some good numbers
  3. A great weekend had on Lake Rotoiti for the BURNSCO Marine (Mt Maunganui) National Trailer yacht champs, the sun came out Saturday was light and tricky but Sunday we managed to dial in some superb sailing conditions. Results and pics to follow A div results http://media.wix.com/ugd/1e6daf_6a03b88 ... fa38df.pdf B Div Results http://media.wix.com/ugd/1e6daf_dc8bfc1 ... e59c11.pdf C Div Results http://media.wix.com/ugd/1e6daf_02d8c54 ... 964c33.pdf Photos of the event can be viewed here http://www.flickr.com/photos/92235048@N07 also check out the BOPTYS on face book.
  4. I love how all the Kiwi's stayed on the low side and we left the aussies to the High bit thats nationalism!!!
  5. Grayballs


    How was that All Black Haka!!
  6. Grayballs


    Its ok lads I was really just joking cant imagine ETNZ leaping around with there tongues out although it would be a good giggle ...can you imagine Ray Davies leading the haka
  7. Grayballs


    Ok time for some serious talk Should ETNZ crack out the Haka come race day? and better still who would best lead it??
  8. ETNZ boat one could make an appearance with Italian crew with kiwi parts as a trail horse.
  9. Just a pearl of a comment...cant wait to see the "interview" lets hope the leave the mike running for that too
  10. Yeah we would be keen to see some more Elliotts for that fact we would love to see all kinds of boats Noelex 25's, 22's Hartleys anything with a metal stick with rags that flap in the wind and goes on a trailer would be more than welcomed. Speaking of Ross 780's we are looking like having 8+ boats. If you are a trailer yachter and are interested in coming it would be cool if you could post a reply and let us know.
  11. Could well do, ya keen big fella? lock it in and I will give you a shout some time soon.
  12. Check it out the Trailer yacht champs are being held on Lake Rotoiti hosted by the Bay of Plenty Trailer Yacht Squadron. November, spring in vegas always brings Breeze.
  13. Grayballs


    Yip thats quick...pity there isnt fleet racing that would be a good watch!!
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