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  1. Do you have any existing crew that come up from Hamilton?
  2. I have noticed that the RPNYC is running a 'crew available' feature, but I was just wondering how many skippers actually use this (including other regattas such as BOI Race Week) as compared to finding crew in other ways (word of mouth etc)?
  3. What do you think the probability or best method of getting a crew position for this event is?
  4. What's the expected length (days) of the voyage?
  5. Hey all. How many people come up from Hamilton for sailing regularly? Just trying to get an idea of what my chances would be to get into sailing again, given that the largest barrier is the cost of the trip to and from Auckland. Cheers, Ezra.
  6. There was small crew from EnZed Who sailed on a black rocket sled When they went down the mine They were perfectly fine Coz they had volume up front and not lead.
  7. Zebra

    What are these?

    I heard that they were for keeping the bows up (in the bear-away, maybe?) without needing to alter the pitch of the foils?
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