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  1. No light air specialist, but there will be a couple of Hot Air specialists on board.
  2. Always Marshie Na, off to Hong Kong/South China to race one. Better figure out what they look like before I go!
  3. Looks like La Rochelle is active racing in Tauranga. Now to track down the owner! Thanks for the lead's guys.
  4. Hi, Are there any Beneteau First 40.7's in New Zealand? I have had a quick look on YNZ and Racetrack but nothing pops up. Any leads would be appreciated. Cheers Gary
  5. Well done to all who finished, and to Skinner for taking out the double. Good times up in Marsden Cove after the race and a stunner breckie put on by the host club.
  6. Experienced crew on board. We all wish them well. How far out are they BooBoo?
  7. Hey Craig, As others have said. Look offshore for pricing for Volvo branded stuff. I got a fresh water pump in from the USA for less than half local price. It took 2 days to get to Auckland Airport and then 5 day from there to Penrose. Anyhow I think the motor (2020 and 2030 series) is actually a Perkins, so maybe a search under that brand would be worth while. Welcome to the world of Volvo ownership.
  8. Yeah looks like HMB and BBYC are ejecting 35fters Or maybe it's just their owners
  9. What do you mean Gazza? BYO Dock Hose as they will no longer be provided.
  10. I give up with the carparks. You Win. Just had a quick read of the e-newsletter. No more dock hose
  11. So, to cut a long story short. Can I have some passes to loan to my guests?
  12. They are all scared of you Damon.
  13. Thanks for your response Westhaven. I find the parking thing very restrictive. If I decide this afternoon to grab a couple of mates, hit the boat after work for an overnighter 24hr fishing trip. My mates are going to get towed tomorrow by about lunchtime. No way around it. Perhaps I can grab half a dozen passes, keep them on the boat to issue to crew/guests on an as needed basis? Postage (would take about a week?) and office hours (when most people work their own jobs) just aren't viable solutions.
  14. So to clarify. If i invite people on the boat during the week, either for a daytrip or longer there is in fact no place they can park. The only way around this is if I (as a berth holder) go to the office and obtain some kind of exemption permit for the duration of the trip. Is this correct? If so is it mentioned on the signage, or just on this sailing website? How are people advised of this? Also, I take it the office is manned 24 hrs for those early morning or evening departures? Just thinking ahead for my extended Easter cruise.
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