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  1. thanks for the information everyone with a new boat its all learning to get the right set ups. we had our first race which we found we were a bit rusty the elliott 1050 is going to be great fun jeremy
  2. the main sheet is set up 8 to 1 traveller is aft on deck forward of helm is exit of main sheet from the deck there is no fine tune. does anyone have ideas for an easier set up the main sheeter is older
  3. whats the best value furler brand for a code zero on for elliott 1050 ronstan seems to be the cheaper one
  4. 830

    main sail

    does any one have a spare elliott 1050 main sail for sail
  5. 830

    elliott 1050

    whats the best setup using bungee cord on fractional mast head runners
  6. 830


    has anyone got an idea on setting up a barbahauler on headsail for reaching on a 27 footer without spending too much money. eg friction rings etc
  7. 830


    anyone familiar with the prostart velocitek and who has them with the best price cheers jeremy
  8. two in waikawa slingshot mod fast . breathless n mod 2 ross 830s
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