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  1. The picture should be rotated 90 deg counterclockwise. The washboards are not in place in the photo. The strop goes through the sliding hatch and secures it from opening, while at the same time stops the washboards from lifting out (when they are in). It can be opened from inside or out by passing the strop through the eye on the hatch. Hope this helps..
  2. Aha the power of editing - I must admit I didn't record the yachts with flopping sails...
  3. Thanks- It was a great day for sailing out there - and viewing.
  4. Once the hatch slides are in the hatch can't slide open as the chord is through the eye on the hatch and tight over the slide.
  5. I was talking with the owner of a Pacific 38 who is about to head offshore, about how to secure the hatch and slides so that they can be opened from both sides. I couldn't quite remember how I had done it, so when I was down at the boat today I took a photo of my solution. A clip at each end of a bit of spectra which passes through an eye on the hatch allows release from the inside and out and secures everything, while also being simple and at minimum cost. IF someone knows the P38 owner then please pass this on.
  6. Hi John, Yes a large undertaking to refit the boat. We didn't do a blog but there are subsequent videos of the trip around fiji. You can see them on my youtube channel "Cruisng Fiji: Savu Savu to Also Island" and "Part Three, Also Island Fiji". I also did a series of videos of the reconstruction which are also on my youtube channel . I cruised for about 2 weeks after arrival, then left Tamariki where Peter took her to Vanuatu and new Caledonia before arriving back here in November. If you don't find the other videos let me know and I will send you the links.
  7. Thanks, its always good to have an ocean crossing where nothing too significant happens, but just enough to make it memorable.
  8. Last year I helped my good mate Peter sail his yacht up to Savu Savu Fiji and I had my camera along to make a documentary of the trip. For those who would like to share in the ride click on the video.
  9. Todays race start captured from Bastion Point. Great sight!
  10. This year it was out to the Barrier. Left on the 27th and had to motor half way before the Norwester filled in for a lovely sail to Bowling Alley Bay. Spent time in Fitzroy doing walks on Kaikoura Island for a magnificent view as well as the Kauri Dam walk. Then headed on down to Great Mercury Island. Been going there for 40 years and its as stunning as the first visit. Check out the video of some of the views. Then back last week - where we spotted a whale off the end of Coromandel in the flat calm conditions.
  11. The Tall Ships leaving Auckland on Monday 26 October. Ships always look better with sails!
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