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  1. is that beacuse you're fed up with being passed by Crocodiles & Coyotees?
  2. No mention of NZ Endevour yet!? She did win the Whitbread in 93-94 Also currently for sale - looks like she needs work. http://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/new-zealand-endeavour-bruce-farr-26m-maxi-ketch/152691
  3. maybe the Vestas crew misunderstood the term 'shake out a reef'
  4. So has anyone go the lowdown on what caused the grounding? Presumably it’s a navigation error not gear failure etc. The shoal they hit is charted & was successfully dodged by the other boats so what did Vestas do differently? I would have guessed the blame would lie somewhere between the navigator, skipper, watch captain - whoever was responsible for checking where they were supposed to be at 4am. Was a poor watch handover a key factor? It’s certainly a career limiting move for at least one sailor if not all 8.
  5. the lack of Kiwis must have a part to play in the low interest levels here but the decision to go one design was the last straw for me
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