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  1. No, didn't think to grab one last time we were out.


    Its a plastic hub, like a car wheel without a tyre, mounted horizontally with the tow line looped around it and the line end going out through a hole in the transom. As the tow line is pulled out (by the dinghy when we're underway) it tensions up the internal spring so that it winds back in when we stop. Its like the internals of a retractable garden hose.


    Thanks for that.


    can you please state the number on boats damage and there type.


    Was the Roberts design millennium damaged.

    That's the email I got from GH Marina as I have my boat there. I'm not local to there so you'll need to go and have a look yourself for damage sorry.

  3. Gulf Harbour Marina also had nearly 70 knots go through it


    Hi Gulf harbour boaties,


    Last night saw the worst weather conditions we have experienced in the marina in a long time. At the height of the storm gusts of nearly 70 knots were recorded on the end of O pier. A large number of yachts and Launches throughout the marina have sustained wind damage. Michele is personally calling the most effected owners and all our dock staff are out on the marina trying to mitigate any further damage.


    Given the situation The marina strongly suggests that ALL owners to come and check on their own boat. You know your boat better than us and may well pick up something that we have missed.


    If you are unable to do so please give us a call


    Safety first please be careful



  4. I can advise you that if cheap is what you pay, cheap is what you'll get.



    Cheap and marine don't really go together. The best you can probably do is a quality second hand unit. I bought and sold a rail mount Magma on TradeMe (actually sold it for more than it cost me).

  5. Agree there is no legal requirement, however when I sold my boat a little over a week ago I wanted some documentation to prove that the transaction had taken place, so I just wrote a simple bill of sale specifying what the item was, who the buyer and seller were and the date of sale and price and stating that it had been paid in full, and we both signed a copy for each of us (actually I had my attorney sign for me, since I had given the other guy my bank account information so I didn't want him to have my signature as well).

    This is the way to go, or a contract like that used by brokers.


    As an FYI re the comment about car registration, registration in your name doesn't mean legal ownership, just the pleasure of being ticketed if needed.


    When you acquire a vehicle you are required to notify your acquisition to the NZTA without delay. Once you have notified your acquisition you become the person registered in respect of the vehicle. This is not the same as having legal title.
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