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  1. Hello everyone...haven't been on here in a while... thought I would share a couple of photos! To see more go to: https://www.facebook.com/Guate.The.Solo.Challenge/
  2. Thanks for the welcome back! Yes I know RNI is harder and if I can do it then I can definitely cross the Tasman. A certain certain someone suggested it to me as I could be making records and it's a good prep for the Tasman. I know it's a Solo project, unless I pay someone to help me which I am. So because of that I really need to find out ASAP: "I have a question re-galley....does anyone know the new gas regulations re the minimum height requirement from the top of the stove to the side decks? I'm going to put in an eno open sea with grill. A long while back, I had a cat 1 inspec
  3. Hi all! Sorry I disappeared for a while! I went home for nearly a year, as I had not been home in 6 years! Since I have been back, the boat has been getting a lot of action. Saloon, water tanks, chain plates, head/wet room, wet area/bunk are all basically done other than the finishing touches and we are starting on the galley now. I have a question re-galley....does anyone know the new gas regulations re the minimum height requirement from the top of the stove to the side decks? I'm going to put in an eno open sea with grill. A long while back I had a cat 1 inspector come by the boat
  4. Hi all!!! I know I have been silent for a while, been a busy bee at Norths and a bit on boat. Great news is I got my residency finally! Haven't had a chance to get a proper celebration in yet! Anyone keen on taking me on as a passenger?? Sorry for late notice, did not think I was going to be able to make it and now I can! Please text or call me 0211706138 Cheers!!
  5. Hey don't take FNG away from me! Yeah this is the first and last boat I rebuild, and to be honest I prefer to work with fibreglass over wood! Yes North Sails have me slaving away now!
  6. Oh they aren't on just yet.... I only put them on to see the contrast. Soon though!
  7. Before, after and close up! I sanded back my mistake and then I retried it with turps and ragging it on. Did 7 layers, and well it doesn't look flash, but it will do. It is what it is.... I call it rustic!
  8. Anyone free to help me or show me how to varnish my beams... ?? Need to get it done so I can glue the side decks down... I don't want to have to redo it a billion times until I finally get it right... pleeaase!!
  9. Anyone in need of hull cleaning, please contact me here in a pm or via phone. 0211706138
  10. Ha I wish my boat was done... I might be wearing a white dress and a blonde wig that night...
  11. Anyone looking for an extra pair of hands for tonights race? Flick me a text as it is easier and more of a guarantee that I will see it. 0211706138 Ta
  12. Same rules apply to Auckland....
  13. Many do! Actually, my first experience for doing a race, I was called in as he thought I was a guy and then was surprised when I rocked up and I was a girl. Was not given a job other than to read the course, but then I just took over a job mid race and was left to do it. Believe me you are not the only one, there have been many.... Funniest thing is when guys walk in the shed when both me and my now ex were there together, it would be only natural they start talking to him as if it were his boat. But he would clearly state he has no idea about boats, that I am the boss and that they sho
  14. Want to feel more? I am about to saw out my cockpit to resize it, make it smaller bc I am so damn short...and then put it back in and fibre glass back together again. OK even I admit I am nervous about this one. Especially with no demonstration...just a quick chat...ok do this....tell me when done. I ask myself everyday...what did I get myself into!? Can't wait until the day it is done! I might take off for a few weeks and not be heard of.
  15. Yup I can only imagine! Can't wait!
  16. I have a felling after I cross the Tasman I might just not come back...I might just keep going..... Take note....sell car before going!
  17. Well I have finished up the top part of the cabin top and have now flipped the cabin top over and also got a new shed mate in today. Have not been able to add more photo because when I updated my iOS to Mavericks my iPhoto disappeared and have no idea how to get it back. Anyone good with Macs? The plan for the cabin top is since I am moving the toilet from the bow back to be even with galley I want to put a port hole on either side, one in galley and one in toilet. Then I will adjust placement of windows to accommodate this and also make sure they are of cat 1 standard in size. The hatch
  18. AND last year! I think I still have some of that horrible Bourbon and cola in my cool box... Nahh...That wasn't bad! Well compared to the year before it wasn't. FYI I don't drink bourbon, so it ain't mine! Now if it was rum, then yup it was mine! Should take them out and bring them by the shed and we can have one while you admire my handy dandy work in person! :thumb up:
  19. Scubash

    Westhaven Divers

    Last call for booking a clean....
  20. Surprised you don't remember, as you fell straight on your @ss right in front of the band! I missed not having the after party on Cordite last year....maybe you'll survive this year? I can't as I was bad the year before!
  21. If anyone is wanting a bum scrub for this saturday please contact sooner rather than later as we need to organise ourselves. I am a 2 man team now so we can bang out more this week if needed. Get a group of you together and we can talk package deal. Good luck on the race!
  22. Scubash

    Westhaven Divers

    Ok if anyone is thinking of a clean this week for the SANZZ series on saturday 9th. Please ask now rather than last minute so we can organise ourselves. cheers
  23. Step by step... I haven't gotten that far! Yeah I had stopped for a while...but my mojo is back and more motivated than ever!
  24. Oh crap! Now you tell me! Nahhh I enjoy it and it actually hasn't been too itchy...The key is to cover up properly and have at it! Much prefer that, than hand sanding the interior of my hull!
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