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  1. Been delaying the build of my interior as I am trying to sort Pacific Kauri marine ply, either BS1088 or AS2272. The only place I have been able to find it is at Whitecliffs, but it still has core gaps in it. Anyone know of any other place?
  2. I had a very special person drop by the shed yesterday and unfortunately I was not there to greet him. John Rea the boat builder that built my boat over 40 years ago! I had finally tracked him down last week, as I thought he might be interested in seeing the refit of the boat, little did I know this was the first boat he built working for himself! Thus making it a very special boat for him. Wish I could have been there to see his expression of the first sighting. He got the gran tour by Dale (from Touch of Gloss, as he is in there repainting Prawn Broker) and said he would b
  3. Hi all, I thought I would share a podcast interview that I had with a fellow sailor friend that I worked with many moons ago. He is very involved in the sailing scene, but on the other side of the world. I know I tend to waffle on when trying to tell my story , especially because I'm nervous and not used to interviews , but I promise to get better the more I do them! I wont be offended if its too long to listen to, but please do check out the other stuff he has on his site. Enjoy! http://59-north.com/sailfeed/2014/4/25/ashley-rogers-podcast-preparing-for-the-solo-trans-tasman
  4. Gary showing me how to create the anchor locker, but by that point I had the attention span of a retarded Goldfish and it went in one ear and out the other....sorta. Actually I haven't created the mock up as I don't have a level and Gary has been out of town on a well deserved vacation! The following 3 are shots of the stern marking up where I have to cut so we can create a step. This was all done before the explanation of the anchor locker, so I had a brain overflow! Here is a bit of Chris's work removing anti foul... I think he went a bit far
  5. Hi all! Was wondering if I could get a few helping hands? I would really like to finish sanding the interior so I can start rebuilding my boat. I am trying to get the boat back in before the summer series starts, as I would like a bit of time to get a crew out and to learn the boat so we can the Coastal Classic this year. But if I don't get the sanding done I will never make it in time! :-S So I thought maybe we can have a fun day sanding and I can provide food and some beer to all of you helping hands! Anyone in? If so, when would you be available? Would be very, very, very much a
  6. Thanks everyone for encouragement! Here are some more updates for those of you who do not have Facebook.... My friend Jared came by this weekend to help with the removal of the antifoul. Chris also made a bit more progress on it today as well... Have made a start to creating the mock up for the bow bunk Sanded the bulkhead so we can glue on new ply to strengthen it up and well also to make it look a bit more eye appealing! Have also started to sand in the saloon...although the picture isn't the greatest to really see it
  7. Typical! The 3 wise men watch and laugh....while....... The girl does all the work! Bow sanding is complete! Saloon is clean! Now hopefully tomorrow I can start building and coving in the bow! Resins and powders have been bought...now the fun can begin!
  8. Strider just got a new shed buddy, now she wont feel so lonely!
  9. Very Funny! It's a challenge alright, a very frustrating one! You can really tell by the photo chris captured of me last night...
  10. Thank you very much! Already being put to good use! :thumb up: .... now if only someone had a spare hand to loan me for some sanding...
  11. Hi all... Was wondering if anyone has a good vacuum cleaner for boat work that is just sitting in storage unused that they would be willing to loan me? The one I was using has been taken back, and trying to clean up the dust from sanding is proving to be quite difficult with no vacuum cleaner. Cheers
  12. Thanks Dean. You'll keep... Dean, Ken is a perfect example of how a crew should be! Ask him what he did last night and why we aren't racing today! I may have to relax and go rum racing instead.... just have to watch my rums!
  13. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support! Kinda took last week off as I was exhausted and needed a break from the boat. This week I have only made it down twice as I have been busy making a bit of money. Then there is the Auckland regatta which I am doing on Voom. So getting a little behind on what I consider the most tedious work up until now. Sanding the entire interior of the hull by hand. I have found a helper but he can only help me tuesday mornings (thanks Diego!) Going to try and complete the boat by sections that way I can advance and feel like there is pr
  14. Ps. Thanks for the advice Smithy! Have already been thinking about all that. Have had Matt (Island Time) down to the boat a couple of times now. Hopefully he can be my electrics Guru!
  15. So funny to read everyones reactions just becuse the cabin top is now on the floor! Ha ok...soooo before the cabin top was just sitting on top of some wedges on the hull, not much different to it being on the ground. The difference now, is that it easier to work both in the boat and on the cabin top with it off the boat. We had already sorted the removal of the deck with just slightly lifting it, but I want to fill in all the holes in the cabin top and sand it back like new. Also want to fiber glass a few areas to strengthen it back up. Better to be safe than sorry....and easier do
  16. Removal of Cabin Top! There was lift off and then a sudden stop as there were some pesky wires from the engine compartment hidden behind the insulation foam that we had not removed...oooopps! Pesky wires.... Let's try this again! B&G flag in the way so he had to remove it... Until next time!
  17. Nope, I forgot I had to make a door for the house. The frecking house project is sucking up too much time but it's oh so close now, we may even finally get a working kitchen later this week, haven't had one since Xmas. The boats one is 80% done even if all hot glued together to make sure it all fits nice 1st. I'll give you a tinkle and pop around for beer and butchers at my messes... being the house and the boat Hahaha...so I guess thats a no go for the Solo this year? You'll just have to buddy up with me in 2018! Well the misses will be happy to have a working kitchen finally!
  18. Did you finish your galley? I wanna see!
  19. Actually my ice box works really great! The ice box! oh and the starboard aft bunk.... You should come by and see one day, also tell me about the RNI
  20. Removed toilet to reduce weight...girls will be given a funnel... ...ok maybe a bucket will be easier! Maybe I should keep toilet and put it in the stern to have a great view and to keep the stench out of the boat! ...well maybe it should be on the cockpit floor so we don't have any accidents of crew falling overboard! Port side practically all cleared... new layout for interior of boat...
  21. And we have separation of cabin top from hull! Hmmm really liking the added head room....should an extention be added? It is unbelievable how once you start with one thing it trickles to 50 billion other things. How do you ever know when to stop?? When I am finished, this definitely will not be the same boat anymore...
  22. And a few removing the deck... Ok bed time as I must be at boat at 8am tomorrow for the Commodores Cup - Te Kouma. Hope you enjoy!
  23. Emptying boat and removing all deck gear.
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