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  1. The Video - http://www.livesaildie.com/ssanz-race-3 ... 100-video/
  2. Aussie

    The Yates Cup

    G'Day - RAYC is just trying to sort out course dates as there has been a request for us to host a course before the Yates Cup. Will let you know.
  3. Aussie

    The Yates Cup

    Hey everyone, Due to popular demand we are opening this up two three handed crews as well. http://rayc.co.nz/yatescup/
  4. Aussie

    The Yates Cup

    Oops Thanks for the heads up! http://www.rayc.co.nz/yatescup
  5. Aussie

    The Yates Cup

    RAYC is getting this race going again, about 230 nautical miles. A good one to stretch your legs. http://www.rayc.co.nz/yatescup
  6. Mintaka - the first cruising boat will finish in the early hours of the morning. For all the latest make sure you visit www.sailfiji.co.nz Race Management team is now based in Fiji and looking forward to welcoming the boats in! Bugger about Iemanja and Crusader 35, but very glad they are all ok.
  7. Thanks Hope to meet you there?!
  8. http://sailfiji.co.nz/anz-sail-fiji-farwell-party/ All invited, just need to know who is coming
  9. #imtheginger #illseeyouthere #wheresthepartyat #whenisit and for the slightly older ones around here...heres a good video to watch #lmao (laugh my ass off) #omgsff (oh my god so f&^king funny) #hopefullytheoldguysgetthis (hopefully the old guys get this) Prize Giving: Thursday 28 November 1830 @RAYCnz (Royal Akarana Yacht Club) #everyoneiswelcomeitsgonnabefun #YOLO!
  10. Thanks Stephen C. I knew you would get it cause you're under 40 Knot Me and I did a #virtual hug out and we're all good now. Everyone is welcome to come along to the prize giving. It's guaranteed to be a #hoot. #whiteisland2013 #nextupis #sailakl14 and #sailfiji14 and then maybe #3kings14 and why not another #whiteisland?! All happening @raycnz and covered by #livesaildie and in standard news format on #creworg
  11. For the conventional news lovers. http://rayc.co.nz/2013-round-white-isla ... w-success/
  12. So now we're complaining that there is TOO much information? No, just the layout. Just read left to right like you would normally do.
  13. All good guys I've just been stealing your updates anyway! You guys have sailed really well! Looking forward to catching up on Thursday at the prize giving.
  14. So now we're complaining that there is TOO much information?
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