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  1. MrWolf

    i14 single handed

    designed by marc davis.grt guy.aussi
  2. MrWolf

    i14 single handed

    yep thats it.matt is ex c spar
  3. MrWolf

    i14 single handed

    so its matt smiths old ice?awesome j
  4. Less rules please, not more. Keep compliance costs for Cat 3 as low as possible, please. same sentiment for the discussion about petrol motors. i think the change to 2 years for a certificate is a crock and I think it has affected fleet numbers for the Coastal.
  5. MrWolf

    Coastal Divisions

    If you want to beat the canters, you can do it for a lot less money by getting yourself a multihull ! unfortunately there's is only one handicap winner per division, we aren't as politically correct in multihulls, and we are big enough to all settle for the one winner per race, not needing a win in IRC or ORC or Phrf or General Handicap to keep all our owners happy
  6. Ok, so I said it wrong. Here is my point though. Our sailing displacement is 1450 kg, so the buoyancy of our new ama is 240%? (Being 3500/1450 x 100) When I bought Wolfy it was claimed it had 200% amas, but when you flew the main hull, the gunwhale of the ama was virtually level with the water, and there was very little reserve. I think a lot of people state there ama buoyancy % using the weight of the bare boat, not the Sailing Displacement, including alll crew and all additional gear on board? so if my new ama is 240% then are Lucifers and Sam's new boats amas really 350%
  7. Because the person I know with the biggest mouth saw me weigh them I had to 'fess up. Word was going to get out there any way ! We aren't exactly sure how much the old ones weighed but I have lifted the old ones on a number of occassions, as have Bryan and Jason, these are definitely lighter, but to be honest I am not certain by how much. These ones are a good deal bigger though at 22 square metres of surface area, and when fully submerged will displace around 3500 kg
  8. I wasnt asking about the financial arrangements just curious to see how long it takes a couple of pros to build some carbon floats. Me and George were hoping to take 600 hours but it was more like 800 to do our tortured ply floats with a bit more fairing and painting yet. Ha Ha Ha, Totally busted ! I never really properly worked out how much the ama was going to weigh, and never did a weight study or anything like that. The basic premise was that the new amas were longer and lighter than the old one's and have similar amount of rocker. Therefore that should be enough to m
  9. Looked through the feedback section on Trade Me. seems very dodgy dealings are a specialty of his. what I don't get is if it for sale on behalf of an estate why is there such a rush to sell it ? $1 reserve ensures a quick sale but often at a very low sell price. Boats are hard to sell and it can take a while but isn't the object to get the best price for the estate ?
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