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  1. My 2c - we use the camp stove option but it's simply to be able to tick the box as we carry nothing to heat and nothing to heat with. For Cat 3, how about considering an option of not having gas? If you do, then sure, there are a few criteria.


    Less rules please, not more.

    Keep compliance costs for Cat 3 as low as possible, please.


    same sentiment for the discussion about petrol motors.


    i think the change to 2 years for a certificate is a crock and I think it has affected fleet numbers for the Coastal.

  2. If you want to beat the canters, you can do it for a lot less money by getting yourself a multihull !


    unfortunately there's is only one handicap winner per division, we aren't as politically correct in multihulls, and we are big enough to all settle for the one winner per race, not needing a win in IRC or ORC or Phrf or General Handicap to keep all our owners happy :mrgreen:

  3. Ok, so I said it wrong.


    Here is my point though.


    Our sailing displacement is 1450 kg, so the buoyancy of our new ama is 240%? (Being 3500/1450 x 100)


    When I bought Wolfy it was claimed it had 200% amas, but when you flew the main hull, the gunwhale of the ama was virtually level with the water, and there was very little reserve.


    I think a lot of people state there ama buoyancy % using the weight of the bare boat, not the Sailing Displacement, including alll crew and all additional gear on board?


    so if my new ama is 240% then are Lucifers and Sam's new boats amas really 350% ?

    My sailing displacement is only a few hundred kilos heavier than Lucifer, so wouldn't those 8.5 amas need to have 4400 kg of buoyancy to be 350%, I know they are big but where is all the extra volume? they are giving away a decent amount of length, and our ama is still 900mm deep by 600mm wide.


    Or is this not how you work it out ?

  4. I told Gary a while back id give him a bottle of rum if they were under 100kg each...


    Can we be sure this is not your way of saving your handicap and they actually weigh 60kg???


    How much were the old ones?


    Because the person I know with the biggest mouth saw me weigh them I had to 'fess up.

    Word was going to get out there any way !


    We aren't exactly sure how much the old ones weighed but I have lifted the old ones on a number of occassions, as have Bryan and Jason, these are definitely lighter, but to be honest I am not certain by how much.


    These ones are a good deal bigger though at 22 square metres of surface area, and when fully submerged will displace around 3500 kg

  5. No sam.


    Gary runs a business building boats.

    I have made an arrangement with Gary to build me two amas.

    He has agreed to that for a certain price.


    It is costing me what I expected and it is taking him the time that we both expected.


    It is not the place to discuss private arrangements online.


    Your estimate is a long long way over the top.


    BTW our estimated ama weight is 75 kg


    I wasnt asking about the financial arrangements just curious to see how long it takes a couple of pros to build some carbon floats.


    Me and George were hoping to take 600 hours but it was more like 800 to do our tortured ply floats with a bit more fairing and painting yet.



    Ha Ha Ha, Totally busted !


    I never really properly worked out how much the ama was going to weigh, and never did a weight study or anything like that.


    The basic premise was that the new amas were longer and lighter than the old one's and have similar amount of rocker.

    Therefore that should be enough to make them faster than before.


    Bullshitting about the weight being 75 kg has come back to bite me !


    It weighs 125 kg !


    and still has tramp tracks, chainplates, gudgeons, paint etc to go.


    But that aside it still looks very cool.

  6. Driving along Lake Rd by Takapuna Grammar (its up a slight rise) towing a Javelin behind a Morris Marina Van (in 1986) I got a speeding ticket for speeding as well as Careless Driving on the charge that me and my mate were street racing each towing a Javelin.

    My alleged speed 83 kph in a 50 kph zone.

    careless driving as I was alleged to cross a double yellow line to overtake my mate in a Corona (2l) towing a Javelin whom the police alleged was doing around 80kph when I overtook him.


    it was a serious charge and it went to court.


    My defense was very simple, the officer mistook my speed.


    I said to the Judge, I was in a Morris Marina van towing a quite heavy trailer going up a slight hill.


    1. I couldn't have overtaken another car going that speed

    2. A Morris Marina can't go that fast.


    the judge asked the officer " are you sure about your facts?"


    the officer replied :Yes I think so your honour


    the judge asked me if the Morris Marina was souped up?


    He said he used to own a Morris Marina and he doubted it could go that fast as well


    Entire case dismissed !

  7. AA I asked the car company that built my latest car about the accuracy of the speedo. They told me that at it will over read by approx 5% when new as supplied from the factory. Give Mazda a call and see what they say about their accuracy figures.


    Wheels there has been a case where during the investigation of an accident they pulled the car's black box and it proved that the driver was lying, he was charged and tried to fight the charges by claiming the police did not have the right to go through the cars computer / black box.


    There was a thing on TV recently, the AA regularly check speedo's for accuracy, the error on average is 4%, the worst over reads by 10%, the best is within 2% (mercedes).

    the AA in their road tests publish the accuracy of the test cars speedo, check for a recent Road Test on Mazda 6.


    My cars a Mondeo, very similar to Mazda 6 , and speedo overreads by 4 or 5 %.


    When I write a letter to the Police (I have got off 2 sppeding fines) I basically start by asking them to reconsider the ticket.


    the evidence is that AA has checked his speedo against the gPS (or both of them), and he knows what speed he is doing.


    The officer recorded a car at 117 kmh,

    so AA knows its not him.


    Possible reasons:

    1. radar incorrectly calibrated (ask to see certification etc)

    2. Officer inadvertantely recrded a different cars speed (make sure correct vehicle identification procedures were followed)

    3. Radar was not rest, and as AA max speed is less than 117 the speed shown on the Radar screen is still 117 (make sure officer has followed correct reset procedure


    Having said that, on the day in question I was not in any rush to get anywhere and I had no reason to be speeding.


    I think in light of the possiblility of an error in this case, albeit I'm sure a genuine one, that the speeding fine should be withdrawn, please.

  8. AA you will get off by simply writing out the exact blurb at the start of this thread.


    that is all that is required to get off a speeding ticket.


    If you go to court you will also get off with the above evidence, take some photos off the gps and speedo at the same time.


    also as AC says its a well known fact speedos over read, so if yours is showing 107 ther's no way you are doing 117.


    Possible explanations to include in your letter:

    it was a different car or the officer never reset the unit from a previous occassion as it stores and records the highest speed it sees until reset.

  9. Traders name is Camstain1, maybe its a typo and it should be a u ?




    Looked through the feedback section on Trade Me.


    seems very dodgy dealings are a specialty of his.


    what I don't get is if it for sale on behalf of an estate why is there such a rush to sell it ?


    $1 reserve ensures a quick sale but often at a very low sell price.


    Boats are hard to sell and it can take a while but isn't the object to get the best price for the estate ?

  10. Never heard anyone say a bad word about the place.

    Hmmm or maybe they can't. Oooo, conspiracy. :wink:


    On a serious question though, what makes Norway so good?? I can't say I have ever seen Made in Norway on anything. What do they do to be a great country??


    They are the wealthiest country in the world due to North Sea oil and they use the money to keep everyone happy.


    Family Benefit (welfare) per child is very high, and you don't have to work much to pay your mortgage for a fantastic house.


    everyone I met in norway loves Norway, and no one says a bad word about it, not about anything.

    they come to NZ and they like NZ too, but it costs them too much.


    Its an amazing culture.

  11. YAY !


    I love living in NZ and being a NZer.


    My older brother lives in Norway and even though Piss is eye wateringly expensive (as are all imported goods) I find it no surprise that they come out on top.

    Never heard anyone say a bad word about the place.

  12. ahahah just been scrolling up and down the photos, trying to work out why you put an extra layer on the bottom (pic 278) :oops: :lol:


    How do you finish the twill on the bow?? is that what picture 300 is showing?


    Cheers Ben.


    So #278 is basically showing that before the Deck was laminated, we started with around a 2mm rebate in the bow.

    The bow wrap layers in #278 are 3 200 gm Carbon Cloth layers.


    then the deck was laminated.

    when the hull laminate goes on it is just cut at the bow rebate.


    after that dries, the bow is sanded up, and 4 more layers of Carbon Cloth 200 gm are put on at 45 degrees. that wrap over the bow, and land in our side rebates.


    So what we end up with at the bow is about 120mm wide of High Density foam, which is covered in a total of 1900 grams of Carbon.


    we end up around 8mm thick, and seriously strong !


    As well in the earlier photos we also have a solid bulkhead around 500mm aft of the bow in case we do a Charleston on an MRX.

    Except in our case I think the MRX will sink !

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