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  1. Ok, so I said it wrong.


    Here is my point though.


    Our sailing displacement is 1450 kg, so the buoyancy of our new ama is 240%? (Being 3500/1450 x 100)


    When I bought Wolfy it was claimed it had 200% amas, but when you flew the main hull, the gunwhale of the ama was virtually level with the water, and there was very little reserve.


    I think a lot of people state there ama buoyancy % using the weight of the bare boat, not the Sailing Displacement, including alll crew and all additional gear on board?


    so if my new ama is 240% then are Lucifers and Sam's new boats amas really 350% ?

    My sailing displacement is only a few hundred kilos heavier than Lucifer, so wouldn't those 8.5 amas need to have 4400 kg of buoyancy to be 350%, I know they are big but where is all the extra volume? they are giving away a decent amount of length, and our ama is still 900mm deep by 600mm wide.


    Or is this not how you work it out ?

  2. I told Gary a while back id give him a bottle of rum if they were under 100kg each...


    Can we be sure this is not your way of saving your handicap and they actually weigh 60kg???


    How much were the old ones?


    Because the person I know with the biggest mouth saw me weigh them I had to 'fess up.

    Word was going to get out there any way !


    We aren't exactly sure how much the old ones weighed but I have lifted the old ones on a number of occassions, as have Bryan and Jason, these are definitely lighter, but to be honest I am not certain by how much.


    These ones are a good deal bigger though at 22 square metres of surface area, and when fully submerged will displace around 3500 kg

  3. No sam.


    Gary runs a business building boats.

    I have made an arrangement with Gary to build me two amas.

    He has agreed to that for a certain price.


    It is costing me what I expected and it is taking him the time that we both expected.


    It is not the place to discuss private arrangements online.


    Your estimate is a long long way over the top.


    BTW our estimated ama weight is 75 kg


    I wasnt asking about the financial arrangements just curious to see how long it takes a couple of pros to build some carbon floats.


    Me and George were hoping to take 600 hours but it was more like 800 to do our tortured ply floats with a bit more fairing and painting yet.



    Ha Ha Ha, Totally busted !


    I never really properly worked out how much the ama was going to weigh, and never did a weight study or anything like that.


    The basic premise was that the new amas were longer and lighter than the old one's and have similar amount of rocker.

    Therefore that should be enough to make them faster than before.


    Bullshitting about the weight being 75 kg has come back to bite me !


    It weighs 125 kg !


    and still has tramp tracks, chainplates, gudgeons, paint etc to go.


    But that aside it still looks very cool.

  4. ahahah just been scrolling up and down the photos, trying to work out why you put an extra layer on the bottom (pic 278) :oops: :lol:


    How do you finish the twill on the bow?? is that what picture 300 is showing?


    Cheers Ben.


    So #278 is basically showing that before the Deck was laminated, we started with around a 2mm rebate in the bow.

    The bow wrap layers in #278 are 3 200 gm Carbon Cloth layers.


    then the deck was laminated.

    when the hull laminate goes on it is just cut at the bow rebate.


    after that dries, the bow is sanded up, and 4 more layers of Carbon Cloth 200 gm are put on at 45 degrees. that wrap over the bow, and land in our side rebates.


    So what we end up with at the bow is about 120mm wide of High Density foam, which is covered in a total of 1900 grams of Carbon.


    we end up around 8mm thick, and seriously strong !


    As well in the earlier photos we also have a solid bulkhead around 500mm aft of the bow in case we do a Charleston on an MRX.

    Except in our case I think the MRX will sink !

  5. they look fast just sitting there :thumbup:

    how much do they weigh right now?


    About 125kg in the photo, with still a few fittings and paint to go.


    BTW they used to give a Rum prize out for the poster who starts the popular thread !

    you could bring it with you for a Rum race,

    so long as you don't mind sailing on a multi,

    might not want to wear Ugg boots though.

  6. Carbon Boom nearly ready for Shelf.


    Joggle at back is so Outhaul Car ends up lower keeping foot of sail in contact with the Top of the boom to maximise the end Plate effect.NBM.JPG

  7. Hi Tim, do you know the theory behind the bow shape by any chance? is it just for a extra waterline at minimum added weight or is there something else like better movement through waves etc?


    We are trying to get the centre of buoyancy further forward, that will reduce the nose dive tendency.


    the wave piercing bow is designed such that as the bow is burying the finer bow sections means the boat slows down less as it increases buoyancy (more slowly).


    Combination of the two should make for both a faster and safer boat.

  8. So we have actually recut the main to shorten the foot length by 100mm.

    At the same time Kenny has balanced the luff curve a bit better to suit the mast.


    so the new boom is 4750mm long

  9. So to summarise.


    we don't know what we are doing.


    i am not a professional boatbuilder that has been employed as a boatbuilder in Auckland since 1989


    I have not worked for Cooksons, southern , matrix and hall spars.


    You don't like the Timberwolf thread.


    you are much better at everything.


    At approx 75 kg our new amas are heavy.


    That's great Rob, other people are taking a lot from the thread, Gary is doing a great job, I'm looking forward to sailing Timberwolf again.

  10. ok - Zoe has you doing the CC on the latest homepage news - thats why I asked. I thought CC might be a bit soon. Your time-frame sounds more reasonable.


    Great Job.


    Yeah I know. The coastal is the reason we bought the boat in the first place, so it will be very hard to watch all the other boats racing while we are still finishing things off.


    But we still have BOI regatta and the Tauranga Race to look forward to as well as next years Winter series !

  11. Looks fantastic and good progress being made.


    What will be the new LOA?

    When will you be back in the water?

    Guna do the Multi RNI?


    I hope so. Good luck


    Thanks, it was a great day yesterday to see it for the first time.


    LOA measured from forward tip of prod to transom around 11.4 metres, whether that would get us through the 10m minimum for the RNI remains to be seen I guess.


    We are still 4 weeks from completing the second ama, then I think we have to reckon on another 6 weeks to get the Painting and finishing done.

    So I'd say straight after Christmas is around when we'll be sailing again.


    Certainly before attempting the RNI in a boat this small we would need to be very sure everything is up to standard. So no way is it a possibility this year, but with a bit of work, (and perhaps a changing of the wording of the entry requirements), it would be a great long term goal to get a boat like Timberwolf around the North Island in one piece.

    I would also imagine that before a proper campaign including some long distance races we would probably need a sponsor.

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