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  1. That isn't your phone number you plonker unless you live in the Hawkes Bay ! Perhaps it is the advertising gods getting you for a blatant plug on Crew.org without paying !
  2. MrWolf

    Marine windows

    Hands down that thread has the best advice ever for putting in Windows. I'm a professional boatbuilder and the way explained there is the best way I've ever used. Also the stuff they recommend is very inexpensive and works great. Our windows still look great and don't leak a drop. Its a pretty easy job to do yourself. we got the windows cut out to size professionally, and edges radiused. We just had to sand off the machining marks, a friend of mine got the windows through Cookson Boats.
  3. That is a really great post NZL3166. Here's the way I see that play out though. we are talking a "low stability" boat with a very high bruce number. So I'm not thinking they are going to be anywhere near 20 knots before they are overpowered. Frantic Drift has a bruce number of 2 and is comfortably powered up in 12 knots. Rig weight: There are two aspects to this, the Proa because its loads generally are lower will get away with a lighter mast section than the cat would so while the rig weight is light it is more a function of that than it is of it not having stays. That disc
  4. Tim C touched on this aspect of Proa design before but I thought I'd have a crack at explaining it. The righting moment of a cat (excluding crew for a second) equals half the beam x the displacement, then plus the crew weight x the beam. When the windward hull flies, the mast, boom etc is being lifted hence the righting moment figure. What about the Proa. When the gust strikes that the hull with the mast in it is not really adding to the righting moment (in fact when it leans over far enough it is reducing it). So the Righting moment of the Proa is basically the weight of the win
  5. Reference to Freeboard is that a Cat3 Inspector must firstly assess the overall seaworthiness of a vessell before completing the Cat3 inspection. A comparison to Harddrive or TWU is totally different. W has less than half the freeboard of the other two. A couple of years back waves were lapping over the side of W into its cockpitty thingy, and as the self drainers were underwater it was starting to sink. That is at its marina in a very sheltered location.
  6. Hi Rob Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Paint weight: There are 4 different areas to consider: Interior Deck Non skid Topsides/Gloss area Anti fouling Each of these areas will have a different weight of paint on them. If you stick with proven long lasting paint systems then you will be looking at Primer/Undercoat/Topcoat on the gloss areas. You need at least a few coats of each to provide an adequate barrier and a long lasting paint system. On the antifoul areas you need primer and antifoul, the weight per square metre of antifoul is far higher than your 200 gm/sq
  7. Phil What a kill joy !
  8. And what you wouldn't give in said storm for some freeboard and by the looks of it, some shelter. Excellent post by the way Greg. Here was I planning to pick holes in the design numbers because some of them are nuts, but you said it way better. Its still a nice light boat, I'm sure will be very fast in a straight line. whether it is suitable to race Coastal or Route de Rhum is the big question as I see it. But good luck to anyone who decides to have a go in one of these, you must have nuts the size of an elephant !
  9. Mate, you were asked what is the weight when you sail this boat with its crew in a Cat3 race like the coastal. You are the designer and you have a great list of numbers of which some are nonsense, such as the skin weights and the paint weight. Plus you have to join these panels together and glass in your bulkheads, beams etc. Most professional designers work everything out correctly and give an accurate figure. Your 700kg has more gaps in it than a swiss cheese. Secondly the Coastal Entries are not decided by one person. the boat has to have Cat3 before it can race. I doubt very much "
  10. Yes they are 100% welcome to race either with the NZMYC or in the Coastal. No problems at all. They just need to comply with the relevant safety requirements, same as everyone else. If that "W" thing wants to race, it can. But to say the NZMYC banned its entry in the Coastal before it was even launched! Does it, or could in comply with cat3? I don't think so. It has about 600mm of freeboard, so would need a 1m tall cabin plus at least 1x bunk etc Then you would need someone to sail it.
  11. See other thread for weight of crew/gear/safety gear like Anchors, Chain, Rodes, various communication equipment. In our case that's 450 kg. So someone saying they're doing a racing boat with all that that weighs 700 kg (Cuck oooooo) I realise it is only being sailed by 1 x person but that is mostly because no one else is mad enough to sail on it, and if they did there would be nothing for them to do. cuckooo
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