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  1. For that type of work use Sikaflex 291. When applying sealant to your genoa track. Cut the nozzle for a 3mm bead. apply the bead right around the outside of the hole apply some sika to the thread or bolt at the head end approx the thickness of the track and the deck. Do not overtighten the bolts as you go, nip the whole lot up, then go back and re tighten, this stops the goop from gooshing out in one place.
  2. We are trying to get the centre of buoyancy further forward, that will reduce the nose dive tendency. the wave piercing bow is designed such that as the bow is burying the finer bow sections means the boat slows down less as it increases buoyancy (more slowly). Combination of the two should make for both a faster and safer boat.
  3. Crikey I really hope they start getting a few more multi entries ! Cupboards looking a little bare !
  4. Those are lovely tributes, Phil and pedro. Its a great poem. I am very glad I didn't make a certain bet with Brucey. While all sorts of people were saying all sorts behind my back, Bruce was the only one who could actually shut me up ! By being both blunt and honest ! Bruce was the only one who was willing to put his own nuts on the line. yeah I'm glad i never took that bet, even though I know you would have let everyone share the spoils, and it would have been a great party then after the fact you correctly identified my disorder as "weight sickness" which meant I couldn't v
  5. So we have actually recut the main to shorten the foot length by 100mm. At the same time Kenny has balanced the luff curve a bit better to suit the mast. so the new boom is 4750mm long
  6. Re Downwind It just has to depend on which boat you are on, doesn't it. Last season we raced from Northern Leading to Kawau. that was a pretty fresh breeze, some gusts certainly in the high 30's possibly even low 40's ? We raced with the fractional gennaker and a single reef in the main. At the start we had on the reefed main and the self tacking jib (we were late to the start due to a traffic jam on the bridge and a broken tiller on the way out to the start). With the jib the boat was very hard to steer and very nosey. With the fractional the boat felt a lot safer and as
  7. So to summarise. we don't know what we are doing. i am not a professional boatbuilder that has been employed as a boatbuilder in Auckland since 1989 I have not worked for Cooksons, southern , matrix and hall spars. You don't like the Timberwolf thread. you are much better at everything. At approx 75 kg our new amas are heavy. That's great Rob, other people are taking a lot from the thread, Gary is doing a great job, I'm looking forward to sailing Timberwolf again.
  8. On the wide stay base of a multi there are plenty of products that already fit that bill Dave, but not yet on a Cav 36'. PBO is a great option to save weight, as well the Carbon Rod rigging is becoming very mainstream, although is still expensive. The very construction (braiding) that allows the quick splice you are after is what gives initial stretch and creep to the likes of Dynex 75, and while a couple of mm of stretch is ok on a multi ,you won't get away with that on the Standing Rigging of e.g. a Cav 36. But it can be used on Runners, Checks etc
  9. Hamma Strand is just a brand name of Dyform wire. Just like Rod rigging you do hear from time to time people making statements like this, that the conventional 1x19 wire lasts longer. If you size it correctly the 1x19 ss wire will have to be a lot bigger in diameter to be as strong as Dyform so in an arse about face way the wire could last longer, but it is much more windage and is heavier. In order Rod is the best, Dyform next, wire a very distant third .
  10. Dragon is Chris Cochranes first tri, before Timberwolf. It is a 9.5m long Plywood tri, with new TC designed foam amas. It has a Carbon mast and has recently installed curved foils. Owned by Matt Stewart who is a tutor at Unitech, where it is currently being renovated. It now has a new main hull canoe body bottom in composites. So has even less ply left than Timberwolf. Every time Dragon goes in the water it shows flashes of brilliance, but in the last 5 years its only been in the water for around 6 months or so.
  11. Aigle lace up boots are great. wear socks if you don't want them to stink. they are bearable in summer (but harken shoes are better).
  12. I can't speak highly enough of Neil Bailey, he is just fantastic at his job.
  13. Dan, that is such a bold call. there are some good sailors on 888 and its very early days yet. It would be just so fantastic if the Grainger were to come over, there is another boat "Indian Chief" a 9.5m that seems to be doing a lot of winning over there at the moment. What ever happens there should be some really great multihull racing at the next rung down from the "A+" division of G3 that will include Taeping, 888, Frantic, Twolf, Exodus, Dragon, TWU, Charleston, Deeds, Attitude and X Factor if it decides to race.
  14. Fair call. It is nonsense to mention TVS as competition for the Pink boat. There is no competition at all and no amount of spin can alter that fact. tripe 8 should be good competition for Taeping, none of the new tris are going to be ready unfortunately Zoe has a tough job in trying to build up the appearance of some sort of "competition"
  15. G3 Sponsored by Vodafone. Send It says Wolfy should be sponsored by XT because they are both unreliable. so................ Taeping should be sponsored by TREASURES NAPPIES
  16. Yeah I know. The coastal is the reason we bought the boat in the first place, so it will be very hard to watch all the other boats racing while we are still finishing things off. But we still have BOI regatta and the Tauranga Race to look forward to as well as next years Winter series !
  17. Thanks, it was a great day yesterday to see it for the first time. LOA measured from forward tip of prod to transom around 11.4 metres, whether that would get us through the 10m minimum for the RNI remains to be seen I guess. We are still 4 weeks from completing the second ama, then I think we have to reckon on another 6 weeks to get the Painting and finishing done. So I'd say straight after Christmas is around when we'll be sailing again. Certainly before attempting the RNI in a boat this small we would need to be very sure everything is up to standard. So no way is it a possibil
  18. looks like the biggest ever batch of photos is coming in I'm sure will take a while for Dave to process, but I'm hopeful you will find it worth the wait.
  19. The bottom laminate will go from deck chine to deck chine across the bottom centreline in one piece. the deck laminate will go from deck chine to deck chine across the deck centreline in one piece. there will be rebates at the deck chine to allow for the extra laminate thickness. Will be hand laid, as everything is so light a bit of extra resin will help stop it bruising.
  20. The guys at work call it "turbowolf". But i'm still happy with Timberwolf. It has nothing to do with what the boat is built from, a Timberwolf is a canadian wolf that eats Cats. we are always trying to have Cat for supper
  21. Around 12000 hits so far, the first ama is nearly done now. The biggest disadvantage of building in the batten mould is supposed to be the additional weight of bog required to get the hulls fair, but I'll tell you what, this is going to need next to no filler, it is fantastically fair. The trick is to get the foam to properly sit in the mould. Photos of the second ama will just be to show overall progress rather than all the very fine detail. I think there are a few more photos on their way soon
  22. Great day yesterday, we joined the two halves. Went very well and got to see the new beasty for the first time. Is spectacularly fair ! Very light also to lift the "heavy" side with the structure in it. Thanks very much guys for all your help, would have been a real mission with less help. I slept like a baby after taking out how ever many screws lying on a mechanics creeper
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