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  1. The first boat I looked at buying when I started looking was Kupapa. at that stage it was owned by a NZer living in Ireland and two years prior it had won Coastal. It needed a lot of work which has now been done. Its a bit more a cruiser /racer than vice versa, but well sailed its still a very fast boat. as to the Dragonfly, sorry AA I don't know anything about it. there is also the Farrier 25 Fire and Ice which is also in the exact same style. Set up for racing I'd expect you'd be in the same range as Putiki express.
  2. While negotiating a particularly strong gust, Greg has poo poohed all suggestions that Taeping will not nosedive even if you leave all the sheets on hard. Apparently the crews lack of quick responsivenesss caused quite a stink !
  3. I actually think that is a really nice boat. It may be slightly too cruising oriented for what AA needs in that he really wants to race the Weiti locals (Meltdown, Kant Know and Repeat Offender) for line.
  4. Its already off. If you don't already know, the very reason you use green tape is that comes off easily, intact, even if its been in the sun a few days.
  5. Update Ama 1 is ready to be glued together (joined) on Sunday. very exciting to see the beast for the first time
  6. On line overall with three boats tied on 7 points the tie is broken in favour of the boat with the most firsts is it not? i.e. Hooters overall on line points
  7. Prediction 1: timberwolf will not nosedive again Prediction 2: will be faster in a straight line in over 12 knots of breeze Hope: Top speed will exceed 30 knots
  8. Actually you are directly asking about the financial arrangements seen as how they are based on the number of hours. Tim C, Gary and I would all like to sell another set of amas off this mould. Me so I can recover a bit of my mould costs. Tim C so he can get a royalty payment to offset his hours on my design. Gary so he can recover some of the jigging, mould work, etc. To get more work off this Gary has to quote. That needs to be a private arrangement between him and his prospective client. The example of Internet discussions surrounding berths at Westhaven may be a case in poi
  9. To all you doom and gloomers. The racing in the V5 AC boats that you all rave about being close and exciting is it any more or less exciting than the racing in the 12 metres ? Because lets face it there is a huge difference in performance between a 12m and a V5 AC boat right ? So if the racing is still close and exciting despite them not still racing 12m dinosaurs why might it not be close and exciting in the future ? And just because they are not One designs if the box rule is good enough there may not be these massive speed differences that some of you are discussing
  10. No sam. Gary runs a business building boats. I have made an arrangement with Gary to build me two amas. He has agreed to that for a certain price. It is costing me what I expected and it is taking him the time that we both expected. It is not the place to discuss private arrangements online. Your estimate is a long long way over the top.
  11. yeah Yeah what ever. apart from that glitch, we are bang on the new budget which is a little under $4k over the original one. Move on!
  12. Hmmn, your a nosey prick at times. 1. We will have holes to put a long reach bilge pump right down. 2. A few holes and a few inspection hatches but nothing clever. Dampness is not a huge problem though as there is no plywood or wood that can rot. 3. We are bang on budget at this stage and I'm hoping to have both the amas ready to join onto the beams in 6 weeks time from now. So far the build has taken 9 weeks. 4. We have allowed 25kg per ama to laminate and join together but it looks like that won't quite be enough.
  13. that is a sheer web. A horizontal carbon and foam web which won't bend on edge, as its glassed at its edges. designed to stop the bow breaking off sideways. the amas are kept totally empty, there is no room in them for much at all and are only accessible via inspection ports. There is no side to side movement possible as the beams are pinned to the deck sockets. While it would be very complicated to make it work the idea of being able to slide the amas in and out is probably a very good one. But my head is too thick to work out so I will keep that bit simple !
  14. Back to the original point of the thread. The minimum speed you must be able to go in calm water is : The square root of 3.28 x waterline length. So that is 5.3 knots for an 8.5m 5.7 knots for a 10m and 7.3 knots for a 16m. under Cat 3: The 8.5 must carry 21 litres of fuel the 10m must carry 25 litres the 16m must carry 40 litres. The 8.5's are pretty sensible cos they they nearly all use 8hp. Which has no problem pushing an 8.5 along in flat water at 5.3 knots. OK but a 5hp would also push the boat at 5.3 knots. What is the point having to carry fuel (21 litre
  15. sweepstake: will KM finish this race ? OK I'll bags that he will pull out like the other two ! That leaves the rest of you to fight over, yes he will finish.
  16. BMW Oracle are the current holders and are a long way from loosening their grip on the cup at this point in time
  17. To sell a monoslug: Talk up how great and close the racing is. talk down how exciting the multi is. Talk up how safe it is. Talk up how great it is at christmas to go away in. Talk down how the AC is now in multis and say its always been in monos in the past. Talk up how easy it is to insure and how cheap it is to keep on marina. AA most good sales people rely on some form of deception !
  18. Will we though? I remember watching Cayard blowing up all those green kites in Auckland in 199? and feeling embarrassed - as in, it's entertaining but not what yachting is about. No doubt it lifted the event out of the sports section and into the main TV news though. I'm not really a motorsport fan but will watch the crashes if they happen to come across the screen. But I never imagine that the guys doing cartwheels represent the pinnacle of yachting. It represents the most severe punishing of mistakes (human error rather than design error) in a way that any punter can underst
  19. So with visits by Tim C and Phil today its a wonder Gary can get any work done !
  20. Keelboats are incredibly maneouvrable at low speeds (cos they are so used to them) compared to cats which stick in the water. Tactically the pre start will be far more crucial in Cats than it ever was in Monoslugs! Level of excitement is 9.9 (with the Russian judge seriously considering a 10). One pitchpole at 25 knots with a smashed Wing sail and you doubters will all be converted !
  21. Yep rhubarb was launched about 1973-74, we got saracen around then, sailed her for a season and did ok. Then rhubarb came along, thrashed everyone in our division.
  22. Tim, aren't years the old fashioned way of measuring "Nano-seconds ?" If that is all you have got to complain about then the AC is really starting to look up, isn't it ?
  23. it would be a major if we ended up with 2x ports, and no starboard, or both boards going the same way !
  24. If that band idea (i.e. allowed to sail in 8.5 nationals with sails set at max air draft) had been adopted I know of three guys who would have built 8.5's by now.
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