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  1. I'm a huge tri fan and when ever they say the next AC will be in the fastest multis on the planet, ra ra ra.... etc I will just cringe. The last AC was won in a tri, lots of recent rules have been dominated by tri's, and of course I believe in the platform of a tri ! But, cost would have been the main factor in choosing a cat over a tri. They also take up a lot less space in the marina complex and they can be rafted together better. They also moor better facing backwards with a wing mast up ! Its still much better to any multi fan that its in Cats, the next best thing to a tri,
  2. More structure but at a much lighter weight. No stringers or bits of cedar at 45 degrees. Most of the bulkheads are the same but this time foam and carbon instead of ply and its doublers. The Web is a "Clissold" special and is due to a very long fine bow. Boat is coming along very well and is pretty much bang on budget and schedule.
  3. And so why a minimum length of 10 metres, where did that come from ? According to Fullfoil, Dirty Deeds would have cleaned up in the last Suva race, but it isn't going to get an opportunity to compete ? I would have thought it was more relevant that a boat had Cat II, than it was some arbitrary length ? Anyway its the same date as Matty's 21st, so no one is going to be able to go (he already changed the date once for Squaddy weekend)
  4. Eclipse means it will make you forget that some old coffin dodgers recently dropped the tornado from the Olympics. With the massive involvement of multihulls in the next AC, LVPS etc it will be a massive boost to multi sailing. Its also great that NZ is at the centre of what is going down. Fear not Ken
  5. Will all become very very clear to you all, very very soon. as Multihull news goes it will eclipse the dumping of tornadoes from the olympics and it may even kick the Timberwolf thread off its #1 spot !
  6. Oh dear oh dear oh dear ! Squid Squid squid, Philips ahh yes, along with a few others broke off their bows, Tim Clissold designed the bow structure to not need the front beam But I don't know of any ## input in this design, but we have to find out from Tim Clissold if he copied ## (Tim, please say it isn't so, Please !) I should say there is always a canine connection with this boat so I see my role as more a dog breeder and dog trainer at this time, and later if Wolfie is good he will get to go for walks !
  7. Squid Is it true you stumbled across the new amas to timberwolf yesterday on your travels ? if so what did you think ? any truth to the rumour that seeing this has put you off proas for ever ?
  8. About time ! guarantee you'll end up with bigger fleets too Bullshit. I believe it would actually reduce rum race fleets. There is plenty of serious racing where screechers are allowed, rum racing ain't the place for that. Ha Ha I got you ! You can ONLY increase the fleet size when the current average fleet size is zero or at best one boat ~!
  9. MrWolf

    Vacuum Bag

    For production style bagging use a vacuum press. Basically two metal frames with stretchy rubber over them. Close the two metal frames, there is a 15mm bead of rubber to form the seal. whack on the vacuum, the rubber stretches around your parts, as soon as its starts to seal a bit, the rubber bead compresses and bingo a perfect vacuum. Takes 45 seconds to get vacuum on. Is reusable 100's if not 1000's of times. I set one up in a joinery factory, works a treat.
  10. He had that happen a lot so changed to Gibb Clips. It solves that problem 100%
  11. if there is a boat on the planet that throws more spray around than sundreamer we just have to get it back sailing again. it must be an awesome sight 1
  12. The only "test" the size of motor needs to pass is whether you can motor into say 30 knots, even in a relatively flat sea. So therefore if a boat had just proven beyond doubt that it can't motor into 20 knots then its motor would be too small. In our case we have an 8hp Mercury, but not with a High Thrust on it. Fortunately with the well in the middle it never lifts out. We got back to the piles after a rum race one night (the race Thunder ended up on the seawall)in over 40 knots so i guess we aren't too far off with what we have. Really though if everyone has sensible motors (in oth
  13. The rules regarding minimum size of motors are more relevant to monoslugs. If your motor can't push your boat into a 20 knot headwind it is too small ! (Let alone 25-30 knots) The only time we really need a motor is when we are in the crap, and then it had better start, and it had better get us to safety. The issue with waterline length being the determining factor of motor size is that realistically the biggest issue pushing a multi into the wind is probably windage. My opinion is that the Multi's should be introducing realistic minimum motor sizes.
  14. The discussions begun on the model tri thread are really good. There are a lot of people out there who are unaware of the complexities and considerations that are involved in putting a tri together.
  15. Sounds like you had a great time John, and I'm really pleased you have given a tri a go. Once I'd been for a few sails on Timberwolf I found sailing on the MRX really very dull indeed ! Good luck if you decide to search for one of your own !
  16. Samin I moved my answers relevant to Timberwolf to the Timberwolf thread.
  17. "my calculations were based on a normal configuration, not a three hull in "piver" configuration." Sam, that really rather cheeky comparing Timberwolf with a Piver. Maybe you need to take a look at racetrack and see how far behind the nearest Piver is ? Also you haven't performed any "calculations" at all, you never started with enough information, instead you have made some wildly inaccurate random statements. Anyway the basis of the discussion is all good so i'll have a crack at answering some of your points. "Im suprised you would optimise your boat so heavily for reaching and upw
  18. I don't think we are going to need that if the amas are stiff enough on their own.
  19. That is just so stupid in so many ways. but its still a mono, a stupid mono, but a mono none the less. The thingys on the outside aren't hulls, they are just crew location devices (wings). If they did end up in the water with any load on them they will slow the boat down, fill up with water, snap off or a combination.
  20. In zero wind with the boat sitting dead level the deepest point of the rocker line of both amas is 60mm in the water. But that is not the same thing as saying it will not flip flop at all, as with 60mm of the ama rocker in the water there is still not much buoyancy, so as soon as the lee ama "firms up" then the windward one is clear. I have added a new view to Page 10 of the Timberwolf thread to illustrate.
  21. The moulds do produce a hull that needs very little longboarding (that is a major consideration). the advantage of the batten mould over a full female mould is both cost and its easier to secure the core in a batten mould. I think you could do pretty cheap foam and glass amas, then just build a ply central cruising pod. So flying the hull at low heel angles has to do with the buoyancy of the new amas and the fact that the amas are pressed down a lot closer to the water (i.e. the boat won't flip flop from side to side at rest as much as it used to ). that interested me about your model
  22. No sam. the angle when we fly the main hull is actually just slightly less than 5 degrees
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