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  1. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose " Kris Kristofferson
  2. I am glad you had a nice time.
  3. For what its worth, there is some good advice on here. Basically the Nova was designed with the large overlapping genoa you currently have. It needs that sail to get performance in lighter airs.I think a lot of sailing in Auckland is done in less than 15 knots and hence that big genoa will more than pay its way. As the breeze increases you can get away with a number 2, similar hoist, shorter foot. I think the correct solution is not so much to cut down the old sail size (as you can probably do with the power in a majority of the sailing you are likely to do) but rather to make the
  4. Yeah it used to be legendary that ! Since then we've all had repaints ! We need to attract back the cruising multis. My thoughts are 2 x multi starts, 1x at 9.30 for the cruising boats. Plus we should look at the prize side of things especially for the non racers, I would think it would be in the best interests of the NZMYC to better promote this event and perhaps we should offer some extra prizes ? In past years we've had well over 20 boats, and we need to get back to that. I just think from the multi point of view we need to promote it better.
  5. It was a great event Steve, and thanks to all your organisers and Race Officers. well done Simon a new Record. Sorry we couldn't make the prizegiving. where will the results be posted ?
  6. I guess the 20 gusting 30 might have put a few off but it was still a great fleet of boats. I haven't seen SD out with that big genny in that much wind (passage rock to finish) and she looked spectacular going upwind. Passed us doing at least 5 knots more than us. Much of the time was flying (or just about) a hull. I think we finished in 2.40, which is a pretty good time and Taeping were more than 10 minutes ahead and SD probably about 5, ahead. We did have a terrific run down the back of Waiheke often topping over 22 knots (fast for us offwind) but really struggle upwind in the fr
  7. all things going to plan.....cough.... This Way Up will be making it to the start line ! A few little details to sort out between now and then, but there is a 99% chance it will all get done. Exactly what type of talents does this female multihull sailor have mr wolf Don't you worry about that, and keep off this internet thingy until you've got all your sh*t sorted. And Yes, its Kate Taylor, the best by far I would have thought ? Especially which ever boat she sails on always gets a good start.
  8. With no club allegiance and an Entry fee of only $25 this has traditionally been the best attended Multi race on the calendar after the Coastal. Around 25-30 boats is what we are aiming at. If you have a multi capable of sailing around Waiheke you should be looking to sail ! Its a great race. Timberwolf will be there, with the most talented Female multihull sailor in NZ aboard.
  9. No we don't have to go down that road again. The dick got banned for a very good reason ! Its just starting all over again same as before, the Leopards spots are just the same!
  10. Here we go again! So Karl, lets say for example I had a certain complete tosspot (f'wit,w'ker etc) on my Foe list, and I had enjoyed in the past 2 years not reading anything he posted. Lets say this same person changes his log in name ? Is he going to automatically go to my foes list ? If not, it is a sanity feature well worth consideration.
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