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  1. Does anyone know if the new wharf is open and if we can leave the dinghy there and have shore access? If not, is the ramp still the best option (if it's still open?!). Thanks
  2. Hi, recommendations please for Yanmar engine servicing - in Westhaven berth, then on the hard at Gulf Harbour for temporary engine removal.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. After the first failure I asked the electricians about changing to the Juice panels and they said that the panels they supplied differed in that they were 36v and therefore charged better in low light?? The Juice panels were also a different size so cosmetic touchups were going to be required so I stuck with the same panels. Clearly that's not an option again though!! I haven't checked what regulator I have yet, but could this need changing if going to 12v panels which I think is what Juice are? The panels do go onto the solid slightly curved surf
  4. Hi, any recommendations for flexible solar panels? I have had no luck with mine which apparently aren't being imported anymore due to poor quality. I have 2x 100w currently.
  5. Thanks for the replies! All very valid and no doubt time on the water will lead to more specific questions! I do actually have one - any thoughts on the solar powered vents? To replace a cowl vent (for the heads) that has a habit of fouling the genoa sheets. Or is a simple low profile one a better option?
  6. Hi CruiseTalkers! Apologies if this has been covered before! Excited to have taken ownership of a 40ft that needs some stuff in it, so a bit of an open question. Apart from the obvious (though do feel free to state the obvious!), what would be the first things you'd put on a cruiser, or would not do without? Also the "wish I knew about that years ago" tips would be awesome! Any words of wisdom or experience really. Thanks very much!!
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