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  1. And so they should, shouldn't they?
  2. Cam here, co-owner of the 8.5 called Attitude. I'm also a fan of the race but like Clipper and Freedom struggle with the race being run over the Easter break.
  3. I second this - is it feasible we could implement? Last time I saw a similar suggestion (admittedly with keelboats in mind) World War III kicked off in the forums!
  4. It would seem there is a common thread here, my personal favourite is yachts at night with their stern light obscured by their dinghy being folded up on transom davits! I've nearly cleaned out two in that situation, they were virtually invisible to the naked eye from astern and both instances were in very very benign conditions - if it wasn't for radar alerting me to their existence it would have been UGLY! Whats more concerning is the fact that the skippers on both yachts couldn't give a rats when their virtual invisibility was pointed out to them. Perhaps a case of our kiwi 'she'll
  5. longshot but I'm trying to track down nick bullock who last time I caught up with him was dividing his time between Auckland and western oz working as a marine pilot. Anyone know how he can be contacted?
  6. Looming crisis at home - no interweb! Fault lies in someone who will remain unnamed ripping wires out of the jack point. It looks simple with only a pair of white insulated wires and 1x red and 1x blue, i just can't work out what goes where! Have tried google with no luck - any ideas out there? Will try and post pic...
  7. Attitude will miss race 1 but indulge in the balance of the series
  8. OC - what site is that Privilege listed on? google has failed me...
  9. Mate of mine has one that might go close - call mark on 021 666 406
  10. Sorry Freedom - tried to quote your post and ended up plagiarising! Perhaps we could have tried your idea of tying off the genny to the front beam last time our prod disintegrated although our beam kinda broke too
  11. Try the tack of the kite to the front beam and hoist! Off we go to Motakoria (sp?) following Borderline. Attitude absolutely sent it - to the wrong mark at Issy bay. Yes Saturday was one of the better downwind sends we've had for sure - first time we've stuffed the bows in to that level and I was lucky to land on the boat rather than in the pish after getting caught on the wrong side of the kite sheet during a gybe. We were also pretty happy to be back in the pen with nothing broken! Had to have a court session post race over getting the course so wrong - SOMEONE owes a box of beers f
  12. I have a new 2.5m VHF antenna for sale that was installed on a new launch then swapped out for an AIS compatible antenna when the owner decided to install AIS! Its a NZ made Pacific Aerial, P/N P6123 seen here: http://www.pacificaerials.co.nz/Marine/ ... tenna.aspx There are some marks on the stainless steel ferrule incurred when removing it from the mount. Selling it for $130 (RRP is $220) You will need a Pacific Aerials mount to go with this which I can also supply - choose from one of their 3x PRO-Series mounts to suit this PRO series antenna and your installation: P6151
  13. Ok so on my first long dark evening with this Open CPN I have got to the point where I'm loading the NZ LINZ charts into the program. The LINZ download produced 181 folders of NZ charts. Is there a way of loading all of these at once or do I need to load them folder by folder as it seems to this point? I got to about the 4th folder and realized just how many were there - hence this post!
  14. I'd recommend you look at the icom range - not the cheapest options but the last remaining comms specialist I think. Great performance and longevity!
  15. Any dates confirmed for the 2014 series yet? Need to book some leave passes!!
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