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  1. Hi there - perhaps we can chat as I am heading to FIJI in May and I have a crew member/s but am struggling to get them confirmed MIQ beds at this stage. the5thompson@gmail.com

  2. Hey hey Thanks ! We live in Raglan but will be up most weekends summer 💫💫🙂
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get information about the Alan Write Variant? I want to find out the rig and sails plan designed for the boat. Ours has a pretty long boom which I guess keeps the center of effort low but I am not sure if how it is on our boat is correct for the boat. I would love to get hold of the original design specs.. also weights and all the details about it.. I cant seem to find the info with a general internet search.. Anyone know where I can get info about that boat.. ? Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh epic! We have registered and waiting a sail no. Now.. what club to join ..
  5. Thanks!! can one join any club and race in other clubs? How does that work? Must one join every club you wish to race in.. is that allowed? This is great info and yes those solo and short handed races sound really our kind of thing.. if they don't I could also find myself stealing off on the baby boat for an easy spin.. .. finding the idea of racing longer distance quite exciting myself... little boat feels like toy town. To do the coastal classic do you need a track record of sort? I have done it on other peoples boats 2x but it was a hop on and go. I see you can even enter that in a 6.5
  6. TazzyDevil That is a great idea! yea! He did crew for a short time from Hobsonville while we were refitting the big boat and did enjoy that. The only issue I see is the inability to commit to every weekend as we live a few hours away and are not there every weekend.
  7. Sounds really great ! Bit of a sail from Hobson but if they get into it enough could be a possibility to move the boat. We have both the boats together in Auckland and we live in Raglan area so the drive is not too hectic. Thanks for the info!
  8. Yea .. but by the time they race I hope they will be skilled enough to have a good time and not go around ramming boats. We are fully insured with the little boat insured for 5 mill libility and compensation.. We will be adequately insured and a skill set capable of being as safe as they can be in a fun competing way ..
  9. We sail around in our 41 footer, they will sail around with us. They have done opti sailing. We want them to be able to cruise and once they are confident then we thought racing for fun would be a great way to sharpen the skills. The 13 year old has a day skippers ticket, VHF and HF licence and 8000+ cruising miles at least and is a well competent crew on the 41 footer. We are not aiming for a racing career but only to be good sea men and sailors and well ready to inherit the 41 footer so that they can feel competent to sail anywhere in the world they wish to go with the ability to maintain th
  10. Hey Hey !! Yea!100% we scheming already !! bloody cold .. dream of being back in those blue water and warm weather! lucky we did it last year !!! Thanks for that I will check them out and see how far the club is from Hobson Bay 💫 I think racing with other keen people will teach loads
  11. So if they raced they would not be included and just be tagging along and not get any results.. ? forgive me I have 50k offshore miles but know nothing of sailing with a club or racing for fun. Dinghies are no fun sailing to Barrier for a week...or spending the night at Waikheke - Dingy racing looks like its horribly wet and horribly cold .. not our thing in the least which is why we bought a mini keel boat. Oh well maybe we will just give up on the possibility of racing then if it is pointless.. what a pity .. the child wants to be the youngest to sail around NZ and wants to race single h
  12. Wow .. no small boats with kids racing?! incredible for Auckland .. I thought there would be kids racing boats all over the show.. DAMN
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