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  1. Gumat

    men versus women

    I am sorry but i wasn't able to see the video. Might be some problem. But i came by looking at the Subject, Men versus Women, thought it would be a challenge but it wasn't that way. But then again i am good with my surfboard, so if any one wanna try out with me, i'd be pleased And we'll see who wins
  2. I got a new surfboard, and went to try it, though i was pretty pretty bad at it, but got some balance at it. Soon will be comfortable with it. Then did some fishing but, never got no fish. No sailing yet but soon there might be a plan for sailing and diving as well.
  3. Gumat

    New to cruise

    hey everyone, this is Gumat from Australia, new to the forum and to the community. I recently started the sailing and fishing activity, and needed to learn about it first. So i got to the forum, with a hope that i get to learn a lot from here. I am 25, and yes one last thing, anything you wanna ask or tell me, please feel free to message me.
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