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  1. Thanks RB. A lot of effort was made by a lot of people to make the right decision for the majority of skippers. Our instant experts are normally most conspicuous by their absence when there is work to be done or decisions to be made.
  2. Refresher courses for Advance Sea Survival are just that, and are applicable only if your certificate has not run out its five years.
  3. RAYC is hosting the Advanced Survival At Sea Course running 28/29 September. To enroll go to; www.rayc.co.nz/education. This is the ISAF course. Past graduates of this course can be checked by contacting Sarah at CBES giving Name and DOB for a database search
  4. The destinations proposed make a mockery of the the claim of mid week operation. These destinations are the location of the holiday properties of the people most likely to use this service. These people are most likely to want to use the service to access their properties in the weekend, the time of PEAK harbour usage. The resource consent application for 20 flights per day is the truthful description of the aspirations for this business.
  5. You would benefit from professional tuition. Try Peter Head at Elements a CBES and RYA tutor.
  6. possum

    Westhaven ??

    How does the word public get into the discussion. Surely Westhaven is as much a public facility as POAL.
  7. Sad to see the Wellytown scene heading in the same direction as Auckland. Ever more organisations offering sailing while the established clubs that support the infrastructure of yachting are undermined by these groups being granted equivalent status. Low subs, no overhead=no contribution to the infrastructure of the sport in the end, it just makes yachting poorer in the long run.
  8. Class Associations must be one of yachting's most endangered species, well done if you can get like minds together. Just focus on the things you can control. Do not sweat the National Authority. The sport is about you.
  9. possum

    Westhaven ??

    Surely it is pretty clear, the facilities at Westhaven are provided for the use of the the fee paying berth and mooring holders. Others who help themselves are taking advantage of the good will of those who pay for the same priviledge. Surely helping yourself to the Westhaven facility is like helping yourself to parking your car on the neighbours front lawn.
  10. Some things are destined not to happen. Roll on the SIMRAD where men go sailing.
  11. A wise choice all round.
  12. The storage of privately owned boats on publicly owned premium waterfront sites will only get more difficult. The Unitary Plan will aggravate this. This however a third way Sailing Academys have been established at a number of clubs, BBYC and RAYC being active examples where sailing from Optimists to Keelboats is offered. This is "pay to sail", turnup with your sailing clothes and everything else from life jackets to coaching is provided. This approach of fewer boats but many users is an approach Local and Regional Government can live with and indeed may endorse. Such an approach is very commo
  13. When I asked at Takapuna BC - there are none. When I asked at Milford BC - there are none. When I asked at WBC - there were full, weren't sure if a 5m dinghy would fit and I'd be put on a waiting list which I'd be on for some time. When I asked at Murray's BSC - there were full and the waiting list long. Your assertion that they'd be more facilities with more money I'd question as regards existing clubs. Both WBC and Murrays BSC are on small bays where beach space is at premium when things get busy in summer as bathers and strollers need access too. High tides are a nightmare BTW. An
  14. So sayeth the Squaddy site. Five days is not too shabby... Oh really... 1998 Antaeus 4 days 8 hours 53 minutes Orakei Wharf to the Navula Light.
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