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  1. Hi all, I may be looking for a skipper\team to deliver a 2005 Beneteau 473 from Phuket to Auckland within the next three months. Busy negotiating a purchase and will want to relocate the vessel before summer if the deal goes through. Please could any available delivery skipper PM me to talk costs and availability. Qualification would need to tick the boxes with respects to insurance requirements etc.
  2. Having just been in San Francisco for a few days my wife was befriended by a US yachting correspondent (Mark Reid) covering the AC when she was down at the waters edge shooting pics of ETNZ. He has just sent her this link that he shot when he bumped into Dean yesterday. We have asked him to keep the content coming.
  3. If I could find a large car trailer that's exactly what I would do, problem is, where do I find that trailer......
  4. Where does one actually hire a trailer from in Auckland for towing a 8.9m centerboard keeler?
  5. Ok, so who is up for a sail from Gisborne to Auckland over the Queens Birthday weekend ? I am willing as is one of my regular crew. I have not sailed that piece of coast before and would love to have an "old hand" on board for my first time.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, I will be on to the haulage companies as soon as they open for business today.
  7. I have just bought a pivoting keel Young 88 moored in Gisborne and now need to get it back to Auckland. Trying to weigh up my options. I considered sailing the yacht back but have not previously done the Eastern Cape. Next option is to rent a trailer and tow the boat back. I have a 4x4 which will tow up to 3500kg but I am more worried about the width of the load. Can anyone give me some advice on what may be the most cost effective way to bring the Y88 home.
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