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  1. Buy some light pine ply (Plyman, The Concourse, Hsn) and some macrocarpa scantlings and make y'self a flattie bro.
  2. there's a new jetty, usable as a grid though it's sand/mud bottom, under the harbour bridge at Northcote Point.
  3. looks like the plane in 'The Spanish Prisoner' -- Steve Martin in a serious role. good thriller by David Mamet.
  4. For anyone vaguely interested in the (satisfactory) end of my quest: I swallowed humble pie and bought an H28 -- fibreglass of course. I'd been nuts on the Shoalcraft (dubious condition, no engine), and intrigued by the Birdsall and the Lidgard -- both timber. The $12k H28 has turned out to be just the right boat, with some work. And oh the glorious chug chug of that Yanmar 12hp. It all shows what perseverance -- and humble pie -- can achieve. Thanks for your comments.
  5. what are avocado syringes?
  6. I couldn't face the uncertainty of a GOT boat. So I bought a cheap GRP H28.
  7. What's the latest on this? (my question is prompted by the prospect of 'living' with an old single-banger diesel auxiliary). How much better a generator somewhere powering an electric motor aft?
  8. Anybody got a design that works? I met one guy making one from an LPG bottle.
  9. There must be something good to say about Lidgard 31. My brother (experienced gulf sailor) says he sailed a Lidgard 31 and it went like stink.
  10. I've narrowed my choice down to these two boats. Budget $20k or less !! Advice please. Does either have an obvious edge?
  11. I'm in the market for a Shoalcraft 30. I've sailed and had an inspection of the 'mothership' Moonfire. It's in a sad state, but possibly not a goner. I do NOT want one on which the cabin top has been extended forward. The original design is splendid, but... errr... not the above-mentioned. anything considered.
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