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  1. Chamberlains Bay has about a m of broken beer bottles on the bottom so other than being very protected bay from most angles its not great for holding unless you break through that and get a hold of the bottom.  A legacy left for us by decades of commercial and pleasure boats just hiffing their bottles over the side.

    More the merrier when it comes to chain.

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  2. Does this mean the new pest, opps sorry, Post controls become the old post control rules given the problem has been resolved?

    Or at least a 90 day exemption on the new rule and see how it plays out?

  3. From Ran Tan racing Facebook page - 


    We have confirmation that the crew is now safely aboard the Mexican fishing boat!

    We can't say enough about the Coast Guard and other agencies that made this rescue a success. Their professionalism, as well as the fantastic decision making and actions of the guys on board made this possible.

    We are overwhelmed and so appreciative of the outpouring of support and wishes that have come our way in the last 24 hours.

    The Ran Tan family stretches far and wide. We have all been so lucky to be part of the ride!

    Looking forward to seeing the guys soon

  4. From Ran Tan racing Facebook page - 


    An update on Ran Tan II.
    At 0530 this morning the keel let go completely and disappeared into the deep blue Pacific ocean. Ran Tan is still upright and stable in the slight seas. Liferaft and dinghy launched. Boys just had a cold beer, crackers and cheese. Waiting patiently for their next ride, a 1000 ton Mexican tuna boat out of Ensenada. They are about 4 hours away.
    Thank you so much for all the messages of support and encouragement.
    Unfortunately it looks like a sad end to a very fine yacht.

  5. Go to the guys in Victoria St West, just above the Wellesley St intersection. I think they are still there and they always had a bin of offcuts


    Nope - Modern Plastics now at 9 Stanway Place, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051. He is generally pretty helpful.

  6. Open cpn does not have an android version. I found out , go to the site with an android phone and try to download , it says not supported yet

    Seems to work fine for me on android? In fact its awesome.


  7. The other thing to consider is that your average land lubbers view of what is a lovely bay to anchor in is usually the polar opposite of reality.


    Just anchor out in front of our bach! Yeah right.

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  8. What Native said, re-groove and get new straight sharp edges and lines and a greater area of bonding.


    When using sharp tools make sure you work with the grain of the timber or you will dig holes to hell.

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