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  1. Passing Wind. Carpenter 62 currently for sale.
  2. The 2x C32TA Cat diesel generators on board generating 1175 Kva.
  3. Practice reefing on the dock before you leave...
  4. Altex Alwood primer and topcoat the only way to go for exterior. Not cheap but lasts. Nothing comes close and you can patch it if you are clever.
  5. Yep, I used an Epifanes gloss poly on an interior job on an Azimut 18 months ago, mint to apply, superb finish.
  6. Not going to dispute experience, respected, meticulously maintained etc but to suggest he didnt have access to updated forecasts and was operating on the Weds or just prior forecast is just BS.
  7. We came home Saturday as it was obvious Sunday was going to be a sh*tfight for wind and sea state. A couple of the crew a bit whingey about it, wanted more fishing time but both those guys called me Sunday to say thanks, good call. Cant understand why you would be attacking 3 King in that.
  8. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/bayswater-marina-incident-police-armed-advise-pubic-to-avoid-area/GKZUP4TFEZ4S3TGJLSHKUQ2FVA/ Obviously not the maritime police that know that people like me regularly use chainsaws on boats.. Any locals got any updates?
  9. or a harmonic generated by someone going hard with an orbital sander could also do bad things to that bog on a thin slightly flexible panel.
  10. Great photos! Around 2000 I had Black Fun on one of the way out moorings at Northcote. Went to check on her on the way to work and could see her being towed through pretty much every wave by her mooring line. completely emersed. IOR boat not much buoyancy up front and a very fine entry on probably an oversized mooring for the boat. Rang a mate, donned wetsuits and whitewater rafted the zodiac out, boarded her amidships as she was pitching pretty violently. Motor started sweet, discarded the mooring and made a beeline for the Westhaven now defunct western entrance. Half way across a m
  11. Saw them pitchpole her right in front of us just east of Bean Rock in that medieval SSANZ start when the massive SW front came in right on the start. About 2005/6? It was a good effort !! I still don't know how we got around them.
  12. BNG

    Annoying buggers

    The nice yachting family domestic at Manowar was really impressive last night... biggest, longest most incoherant, boozed, hate filled effort ive ever seen or heard. Ended with a few death threats. Just lovely.
  13. Chamberlains Bay has about a m of broken beer bottles on the bottom so other than being very protected bay from most angles its not great for holding unless you break through that and get a hold of the bottom. A legacy left for us by decades of commercial and pleasure boats just hiffing their bottles over the side. More the merrier when it comes to chain.
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