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  1. Seems he was in very shallow water indeed. From the TAIC report..
  2. That Blackpool, Surfdale situation is pretty ugly in terms of the cyanobacterial matts.. gross and not nice for cooling intake strainers.
  3. I'm also going sunscreen but with some sort of "self tanning agent" included.
  4. BNG


    Auckland. City of Fails.
  5. Epic! Would have been a few rough nights at sea or anchor but what a journey.
  6. The launch is awaiting parts to complete a re-engine. Then presumably back in the drink. Been there a while.
  7. Not a commercial boat nor a workplace I guess.
  8. Stick some flexible rubber fuel line up your vacuum cleaner nozzle, lots of black tape to seal and you have a flexible vacuum probe.
  9. Crikey Lindsay, you are a stuntman posting that! You might get lambasted by the anti stinkpot brigade even tho you might be an old stick and rag man with a healthy interest in all things marine! Back on topic.... I have a lot of brightwork. I went oil for the first 4 years then gave it away. Would get 9 months looking good then not so good. Went Awlcraft system 5 years ago and would never go back. Great product. More time on the water with my silent solar setup and my generator sound effect. Just in case..
  10. Very sad to hear that, Smithy was a good man. Loads of energy and optimism. Smooth Sailing Smithy.
  11. A sample size of 1 generally proves nothing. Good call SSANZ.
  12. Oh no!! What happened? Someone hit them in marina or something gave up? If the later probably better to happen now than in a blow 250nm off the west coast. Very sad to see either way.
  13. What's the crankcase pressure like? ie the ventilation usually off the top of the rocker cover. If obstructed this will raise crankcase pressure and bring anything that might leak to the front of the queue. If you can get a slight vacuum by connecting the vent to the induction side even better.
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