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  1. Thanks all, great suggestions and comments. In relation to the previous posts and in no particular order: Ladyhawk: Read that article last year, if my current investments come through, as they are bound to do (Lotto, and an offer from a nice gentlemen in a West African country whom I met on the interwebs) then she would be the kind of boat I'd be into like a flash. For the meantime though, way out of my price range I suspect. Blaydon Racer: A beautiful looking trimaran which has obviously been very well looked after. For me though, I think the maintenance effort would be consider
  2. I agree that the Newick is an interesting looking boat but isn't really for me, I like the idea of nets to lounge around on! Also keeping an eye on the Aussie and US market but it would have to be a steal to make it worthwhile shipping (NZ$20-30k from Oz, 30-45K from the US). On top of that is 20% GST and import duty. If I could find one I could sail over that might be an option... It does seem that with trimarans there's either out and out racers or chunky cruisers but not much middle ground, is that a fair comment? The search continues...
  3. Hi Ed, many thanks for the post. I suppose I should have provided more context; I grew up sailing on monos, from dinghies to keelers and was actively racing until my twenties. Mate and I rebuilt a GBE in the 90's (Hooters, I think she's still around) and that sold me on multis. Life then got in the way and I haven't really been sailing for a long, long time. Mid life crisis now and I want to get back out on the water, not interested in, and can't afford a condomaran, so would ideally like a boat that the wife would consider going out on (see criteria above!) Hence the trimaran search. I
  4. Hi all, I'm keen to get into a trimaran if possible. I've been looking around for a while and there doesn't appear to be many available, and those that are don't fit my requirements. Which are: 30ft-40ft Dry(ish) Quick(ish) Enclosed head Reasonable (for a trimaran) accommodation Planning on doing a bit of cruising and possibly some relaxed racing. Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance, Dave
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