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  1. Hi, there's a bit more info on the wrap in this thread if you haven't seen it: https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/17693-antifoul-options
  2. Dave

    foredeck hatch

    +1 to that, had to do a bit of reconstructive surgery in order to fit the new one to my boat earlier this year. Royal embuggerance.
  3. Might work, I seem to recall that there's a top speed for the wrap above which it's not recommended, the guys at MPS will tell you I'm sure. I don't know what the relative 'boat speed' of a propshaft is at revs but I guess you could work it out algebraically. I hope it goes well for you.
  4. I tend to agree Tamure, I had hoped that it would have been a bit of a "silver bullet" in the war on fouling, but realise now that its probably not quite there for the majority of prospective users. By that I mean that to get the benefit out of the wrap I think you'll have to be pretty stringent on maintenance if you're not using the boat regularly. Leaving it as I did for so long was asking for trouble so have only myself to blame. From a cost perspective the wrap was around $4.5k, as well as probably $2k for the hull prep and paint. The product is warrantied for 5 years so for me it
  5. Thanks for the reminder CD, I'd intended to post an update on the MacGlide post sailing and hopefully have some photos/video to share but I haven't actually managed to use the system as intended yet so was holding off until I had done so. In any case here's some impressions that I have so far. The boat had a fairly thick layer of slime on it with some obvious small barnacle action and hard wormy type things on it after about 8 months up the river. On the initial sail I managed to get the speed up to 10kts for reasonable periods but there was no perceptible self cleaning evident after th
  6. Dave

    Maxwell 16 winch

    Is this any use? Maxwell Winch Service Manual--small (1).pdf
  7. That's grand thanks. It's definitely not NX2 so hopefully it should all work... Cheers
  8. You Sir, are a legend. Thanks for that, my WSI box has been reprogrammed so I'll hook it all up and see what happens. Be nice to turn that ornament on the top of my mast into something a bit more useful. Final old Nexus question: Is there any way to output the data to a laptop? I'd like to have a play with OpenCPN tactics and build some polars. The interwebs would suggest not... Cheers and thanks again.
  9. Has anyone got experience with the NX starter system with the WSI box and no server? I've gone with a wired wind transducer but didn't get the brief on where to attach the cable. The WSI box is full so I'm assuming it goes directly to the back of the instrument itself, can anyone clarify please? Thanks
  10. .... at high tide of course.
  11. What on God's green earth possessed you to posit this question?! Has the Volvo clunk sent you round the bend?
  12. Yep it sure looks mint in your photos, well done on the clean up. The dust looked reminiscent of electrical bearing type stuff but you're far more technical than me! I've got a wee fella with a bucket of crap that visits all the nooks and crannies of my boat and sprays it liberally around, industrious soul is he...
  13. I meant to thank you for providing the manual above, so thanks! I had a wireless NX2 system which I changed to wired earlier this year, haven't managed to hook it up yet to see if it works, and if the reprogramming of the server was successful. Hard to find support for this gear I found. If you strike problems with your testing I've still got the old wireless head, welcome to it if it's of any use. Cheers, Dave
  14. So, I went with the MacGlide from MPS. I was keen to explore options other than conventional antifouling and following a bit of research I decided that I'd give this system a go. Due to a combination of factors the boat has been sitting on a mooring up the Weiti River for six months now and has got a fairly 'healthy' layer of slime on it. I have not dived on the boat for a couple of reasons: a) I'm a wuss, and b) I wanted to give the product a decent test of it's claimed performance as a self cleaning film. Fingers crossed I'll be sailing the boat in two to three weeks time, at which point
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