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  1. From my research, chlorine needs to be 2ppm (basically shock treatment) for 24 hours then returned to 0.5ppm to be safe.  Doubt that is practical on a boat. 


    As for numbers I see sites saying 90% of legionella dies at 60c after 2 minutes.  But then another one said 60c at 24minutes. 


    Granted most people are not at as high a risk even if they contract it.  However, due to my health problems and medications suppressing my inflammation/immune system, I am one of those unfortunate few who have to bear factors like this in mind. 


    Funny thing is that I doubt this would have crossed my mind if I didn't have to consider refitting a hot water cylinder and just used an existing system.  :think:

  2. Hey all,


    On my final stages of sorting a new boat deal. The boat in question had a small hot water cylinder mounted above the engine. (Volvo MD2-55) Apparently the tank blew up or leaked and they removed it.


    I’ve searched around and found things like the Isotemp 30L cylinders which can mount in either direction. Uses both heat exchanger coils and 220v which is great.


    However, this got me wondering how the heck do you deal with legionnaires when water needs to be kept above 60c? Sure if you’re on shore power that is not hard. But when sailing (not motoring) how do you ensure you tank water doesn’t grow bad things?   And just getting hot for short duration doesn't sound safe either, would reckon it needs to be kept hot for a while to be really safe?


    Thoughts comments?





  3. This would be a low cost (to maintain) multihull. The fact you can beach her and she has outboards will save significantly on haulouts. Less than 20 years old (albeit old design but pretty bullet proof). You will enjoy the additional room for live aboard and a stable platform, while being able to work in an airy / light saloon.


    Not sure what the live aboard restrictions are on a mooring, but this one will dry out twice a day pretty much allowing you to walk on/off if you needed.




    Good luck with your adventures!


    Thanks for the suggestion. We've went and looked at a few boats.  This one is currently under contract but did look at somewhat similar boats to this.  Headroom is a big challenge for me as I'm 188cm tall and run into problems on almost all boats under 40ft.  Seems some of the brokers are away often and can't always get us into look at them in time either.  Not that we are in a rush to buy, just would like to see as many boats as possible to see what we like.


    Stub keels seem nice for beaching.  I'm bit worried how well they would handle in bad weather or heaving to, but shallow draft means more access to tight spots.  Always some kind of compromise eh?

  4. Get a boat and do their sumner cruising series

    We need to learn to sail before we can do that.  But otherwise that is the plan.  Just need to get the experience and find said boat.  But I also wouldn't think of putting our lives, or others on the water, in jeopardy until we have a firm understanding of what we are doing. :)  I expect this to take a while so even if we do buy a boat, we'd only be using it to live aboard for the time being.  Hoping to crew/take courses/etc. until then.

  5. G’day all,


    Just wanted to update on our story. We made our journey up north, stopping to visit Piction, Napier, Taurangua marinas. Noticed a few boats for sail but mostly looked around the areas. We finally settled on Gulf Harbour and found a small place to rent short-term.


    We then joined the GHYC and strait away got invited to join the race 9 over last weekend. Winds were about 22 with gusts at start of race of 31 knots. I tried my hand at winching but my frozen shoulder and arthritis got the better and had to stop after only second tack. I ended up as rail meat for the rest of the race. I need a bit more time to mend I reckon.


    Of course there was lots of stuff going on and everything was happening very fast. We learned a little bit, but mostly tried to keep our heads down during tacks and gybes. Managed to survive our first trip out on the water and had a great time. We were also given a great book from club and have been reading it.


    While the race was fun, I’m not sure if it is the best place to learn the basics as there wasn’t much time to ask questions/etc. Does anyone have recommendations up in the GH area?

  6. So my wife and I have had many long talks over past several weeks. We have come to conclusion that the only way forward is moving North. Once there, we can be in a better place to not only look at purchasing a boat but learning to sail and maybe better employment.


    As such, we are in the process of purging all our possessions. Also fixing small things around the house to sell it in the next few weeks. We would like to leave by the end of August. We’ll be taking our car and small trailer up north stopping at Nelson/Picton to look at the marina as an option. Then all the way up to Whangarei. The current plan is to rent a furnished place for a few months while we look at boats for sale. The Auckland region seem to have the vast majority from our research. 


    We have greatly considered the advice given here about the 8-9m boats for $15-20k. However, due to my height and headroom on most of those boats, we really are looking at the next hop up 9-11m. We would also really like to have a shower and hot water if possible. A diesel heater would be great but could be fitted later. Most of the boats we have found on trademe that fit that are in the 35k – 55k range. We are rather keen on Davidson layout but keeping our minds open to others. I’m expecting to have to upgrade the electrics (new panels, MPPT charge controller, inverter, wiring and batteries) to support working remotely from boat. Maybe $10-15k?


    Hopefully it will only take a few months to find and survey any boats that suit.  It would be nice to be in a boat at the start of summer if possible.  Then the plan is to stay in a marina while we learn more about the boat and have the nicer weather. Being up north we would like to find opportunities to learn to sail while we adjusting to the new lifestyle. Maybe taking weekend day trips and slowly moving to longer journeys. If that all works out, we hope to cruise around BOI for a season and then to Marlborough area next year.


    Someone suggested a name for our boat as "Last resort."  Any comments? :)  Saw a video of a boat named "escape pod" which was in distress and confused the hell out of rescue services.


    Finally, we also want to say thank you to everyone who has provided some advice and suggestions. 


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  7. Lots of good advice guys, cheers. 


    Thanks lateral about not rushing to buy or getting attached too early.   It can be hard to fight those urges when we have death threats or bottles/rocks/etc. thrown at our house here.  But I also don't want to end up bad situation because we were rushing out of here.


    I do expect that even a "perfect" boat to have lots of things that need replacement.  Just like buying a house, we had a builder's inspection and he didn't find several problems.  Right now all our money is tied up in equity in this house.  Then being stuck geographically so far away also limits our almost all our options. 


    We had another idea and wanted to see what you guys think.   First, sell our home here and put a small amount of things we really care about into storage.  Stick the funds of the house sale into savings.  Then travel north and try to find a boat we could rent as a live aboard for say three to six months?  This would only be to trial living on the boat see how we liked it.  Hopefully being on the water and up north we could find opportunities to sail as crew/etc on other boats and learn to sail during this process. 


    If stuff hit the fan or for any reason or we didn't tolerate the lifestyle we wouldn't have to worry about trying to selling a boat.  We would still have "some" things left in storage and our car.  Otherwise if it worked out we could just fly back down here and sell off the rest.


    It is still risky as my wife might have issues with job working from boat.  (she takes calls via voip and works over vpn and wireless not best for that)  However there are more options to work up north at same time if that happened.  I'm also not sure where we would even look to find a boat to rent like that.  I noticed many marinas had rules preventing such activities without written permission.


    On another note, my wife and I were quite keen on this this Beale 33 (design/layout/etc) any comments about it? 


  8. Thanks guys, I have left messages with Marsden Cove and Whangarei Marina and waiting for calls back.  The liveaboard option seemed like it might make most sense since we could hopefully get some work while learning to sail and getting used to the boat life.  That said, when I tried to get confirmation on available slips for liveaboards I hit a major snag.


    As for boats, my wife dreams of a cat due to the large amount of space and openness of deck house.  I'm 188cm tall so need something with a bit of headroom would be great.  And the movement sounds easier for non-sailors to adjust due to less rolling.  However, our budget would likely be 80-100k and that is just outside most of them.  Have to consider the fees for haul-out, marinas and maintenance going way up for multihulls as well.   On the other hand I've seen a fair amount of monohulls on trademe for that price range that are not only very nice but also blue water ready.  Length wise, 10-12m seems to be the sweet spot in my totally inexperienced view.   :D 


    I really like the layout of this Davidson 42's companionway for someone with arthritis. 



    Originally we thought working for six months in NZ then try and cruise the other six.  Then got a bit worried when reading about costs involved with getting cat-1.  With the haul-out, inspections, etc. needing to be done every year.  Then I see the costs for entry into the islands are getting more dear every day.  Even restrictions (like Vanuatu) are also getting worse for cruisers every day as well.  Wish I that we had tried this 10 years ago. :( 

  9. Thanks for all the good information and kind words. And to JimS for the offer to go out. Would love to try and take you up on that if we could somehow sort out making the weather and air travel play nice together.


    I tried to make my first post short and had to leave out a few bits so as to not put everyone off.


    Our initial idea was to buy a boat as a liveaboard, renting a slip in some marina so my wife could continue to work. She works from home now over the internet so thought that would be great idea. However, I soon found that every single marina I called had over a year waiting list. Many just flat out stopped taking liveaboards. I got the feeling from managers that I was a fool for even asking.


    We had planned on getting experience and upgrading the boat for blue water sailing for somewhere between one to two years. But reading the regulations around CAT-1 left me worried. The vision requirement would be an issue, and possibly my other health problems. And if I understand it, CAT-1 also has 30day expiration that you must leave and as soon as you hit international waters, it expires as well. This would make our idea of having a home base and doing shorter passages much more complicate and expensive. And don’t get me wrong, I fully agree with many of the classes required and wouldn’t want to sail without learning that as well. Just the “red tape” that bogs CAT-1 down for us.


    As for funds, yes it also needs to be sorted. Buying a new house up north is possible, but with mortgage and then no extra funds for a boat. Selling here and renting would work, but burn through our cash fast.


    I also agree that is a major challenge. We have done some research for income while cruising, even the coastal only options. Our last idea was to outright purchase a very cheap house and do reno work ourselves. Then turn it into rental for some income. However, doing that we’d still need to build up enough cash for the boat after so might take four or five years.


    Had this been 20 years ago might have convinced my wife to parade around in a bikini for youtube views. I think we will need a more creative approach. Would love any suggestions on income while cruising coastal or otherwise. Is liveaboard an option anywhere? I think we have to move if for nothing else than easier access to boats. It is just how and where that is the question.

  10. Hello all,


    My wife and I have had a few years (decade now) of bad luck. Besides my serious health problems (details below), we had bad luck with CHCH earthquakes back in 2011. That lead us to lose a new business and be forcedly moved around for years looking of a home.  When we finally manage to buy house but it turned out our street is full of boy racers, drugs and alcohol.  Another long sad story with this but I’ll spare you details.


    Needless to say, we have had enough and been longing for something more. For the last three years we have been looking for somewhere to move but couldn't find the right place.  Then about a year ago we happen to get hooked on crusing vlogs and started to dreamed of the livestyle.  We’ve done a fair bit of research on requirements for certifications and other red tape.  I’m most worried about the CAT-1 requirements to leave the country and issues surrounding my health.


    My health started to go down hill about 10 years ago where I lost much of my vision due to keratoconus. I’m legally blind in right eye and have 30-40% in my left. Add to this I have arthritis and auto-immune/inflammatory problems that are of constant problem. In September of last year I injured my shoulder that turned into frozen shoulder syndrome. After months of physiotherapy, countless medications, MRIs, ultrasounds and injections, the doctors gave up and just stuck me on morphine and other medications for pain since November. Thankfully, I’m only taking morphine two-three times a week now and my shoulder is getting better, albeit very slowly. 


    Aside from my health, neither my wife or I have any experience in sailing. I know that is also a requirement for CAT-1 certifications.  My thoughts were to try and get some volunteer repair work to help learn yacht maintenance.   Sadly, not much of that down here in Invc.  We also tried the local yacht club but they were only able to offer training to children in dingies and had to turn us away.  At this point selling everything and trying to move up north seems like only option.  House prices not being kind in that regard either.


    What advice can you offer us? Would you consider my health issues to be too serious for the cursing lifestyle?


    My greatest fear is never trying due to fear. Then having my health/vision get worse and never getting the chance.  I would like to hope that being able to follow a dream might lead to improvements in health that medications haven't been able to realize.  However, I also need to be realistic about our limitations and not do something foolish.


    Thanks for your time.  Sorry for the wall of text as well. :)

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