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  1. We are currently seeking two new full time staff for our Westhaven loft , must have a drivers license. We are after a tradesman for all round sail making duties . We are also looking for a new junior to work under the team of experienced sailmakers already here. Please either e-mail me or call the loft. rodney@evolutionsails.com or 021 486135 Thanks Matt we will see how this work's out!
  2. muttley

    Reefs For Cat 3

    we stock a webbing with a reflective track in it which is quote nice at night for jackstays I think most sailmakers would have it.
  3. The whole thing appeals! I will be there Good Work RPNYC team for taking it on.
  4. muttley


    Looks Great! Looking forward to seeing you out there.
  6. Pretty Boy Floyd, The start was Zero material, but with the short reach to Rangi light the thought was start at the boat with the Jib and get low before the lighter patch, instead of risking a cluster with the zero. Good choice looking at some of the other boats zero antics. Got rolled by the big boat just before the light and had to try hard to hold up out of the vacuum behind them, Finally clear air laying navy with a shifty puffy breeze worked hard on staying fast forward without a major loss in height. The Elysium (wise old dogs) was a little faster on the second leg (upwind
  7. Knot me when is your boat going to re join the fleet??
  8. WELL DONE REINI on the Ave Gitana/Shark Angels! New Record and 270 miles in front of the next boat. Great race well sailed. AWESOME!!!!
  9. It was a tough decision not to race, The reasons are many including time, families, tides, weather to and from etc. And that is from some one that knows.
  10. COME ON FREEDOM there will be wind and certainly RUM at the end get your entry IN!
  11. Ninja is in coming out tomorrow for antifoul and tidy up fingers crossed the weather plays the game!
  12. muttley

    RNI 2014

    good to see someone has it sorted with the weather! Looking forward to getting underway!
  13. The standout laughs are dragon along with taeping and this way up all with sail well above those numbers in a fairly straight line with just a mainsail in a breeze
  14. I was out in a takacat with a client measuring sails the other day awesome little thing!
  15. Win an Audi A-1! anyone worked out the odds on the double win needed there to win an Audi A-1?
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