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  1. Yes I used some timber, chains and a car jack to build a crane on the centreboard housing so I could manoeuvre the plate and realign the holes to put the pub back through. Took a few hours on the anchor with the boat wobbling about and my head down but got it done. She's on the trailer now so much easier.
  2. Hi, the centreboard pin has pulled out from one half of the casing on my Noelex 22 so I'm going to reinstall and secure. I was wondering if I should grease the pin perhaps with some marine grease. I'm not sure what seals are in place in the centreboard casing so thought I would check. Is there anything else I should do while I'm at it? Cheers
  3. It's one hell of a heavy centreboard. Sounds like I got off lightly
  4. Hi all, we managed to get it on the trailer. The cable snapped near the centreboard (which is a swing keel). That left me quite a bit of wire attached to the winch. I pulled the wire out and around the pulley (at the far end of the housing) then over the centreboard housing support which is approximately at the middle top of the centreboard housing. From there I dropped the wire down and tied it around the chain in a fisherman style knot. This allowed us to wind the cable from the winch mechanism raising the centre board maybe halfway. from there I used the trailer winch to pull it up onto the
  5. Hi all, While dropping the centreboard yesterday the cable snapped on my noelex 22. Firstly, I'm sailing back to the trailer tomorrow and was wondering if I'll be able to get the boat back on the trailer. Can anyone give me any tips? Secondly, I need to replace the cable. Is this best done on the trailer or on the water? Is there any information or there on how to best do this? Thanks Ian
  6. I need to launch my trailer sailer single handed on the Waitemata. Looking for a place I can launch, tie up while I park the car and then set off. Any recommendations? I'm fairly central in Auckland so closer to CBD is better. Cheers
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