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  1. Hi there, trying to track down some very old gear. Does anyone have or know off the wind vane kit that fits with the autohelm 5000? Just need this so I can use it more with the wind. Many thanks in advance. Steve
  2. Thank you yes checked out boat books and after look down will be going along to there and getting a copy.
  3. No Hadnt, but now that you have suggested it, had a look and yes very first place I am going after look down to get that book.
  4. Excellent thank you, yes very helpful.
  5. That is very kind of you, I would not ask you to break the lockdown. If I have not found one by then I will get back in touch.
  6. Hello there, this is my first post and hopefully will lead me to getting this book. I have tried to find a way to get a copy of John Lidgards book "its in the blood", searching the internet via google has not helped. The only reference I have found has been a couple of articles but no contacts to get a copy. Does anyone out there know how to get a copy? Many thanks Steve.
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