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  1. She came to the UK as deck cargo, there are some gaps in her history, which is what i'm trying to sort out now. So far, I have that she was built by a lovely guy called Gordon Patrick in NZ.. The boat was named after his two daughters, Carey and Tessa, Hence "Caressa" Lovely story and a great name which we have kept. Gordon is sadly no longer with us. How and why she was deported I don't know. She was home built, I think between 1982/85, sail number is 4352. She is a glass hull, with a timber deck and top. She is club raced here in the UK and is quite successful. Everybody loves her,
  2. Thank you, I'd like a hardcopy if possible, once read, it would be a nice addition to the boats inventory I have earmarked the kindle edition
  3. Would love to learn more about Alan Wright, cannot find out much on the internet. I live in the UK and own a Lotus 9.2. If anybody has a copy kicking about I would happily buy it. My daughter lives near Ashburton and could handle the purchasing/postage. Thanks Mark
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