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  1. Who knows, are there any public piers in Auckland CBD to just pick up/drop off people or to stay for couple hours? I’m on sailing yacht, 37 feet, draught 1.7
  2. If there are no flights to Europe this European summer, you can have the boat delivered to Caribbean in Nov-Dec for example. Then you can spend some time there and sail to Polynesia in March-April yourself, or you can again have it delivered there. Of cause that doesn't worth that for a boat of about 30k euros, but starting from 100k it start working pretty good. And there are lots of catamarans available now as well. I talked to a broker just today and Croatia opened their borders for business trips and buying a boat is considered as business trip. So I plan to trave
  3. Hi, I live in New Zealand but it happen so that I stuck in Europe because of COVID-19. I was looking to buy a boat here and sail it back to NZ. Because of the virus and spoiled charter season the boat market dropped now and there are fantastic options to buy now. Just wanted to ask if somebody is interested and if I can help you. It's not an advertisement and I'm not a broker.
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