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    GST and Import duty

    Yes the same as Aus I just found in the NZ customs web site. "If the requirements above are not met, Customs will require a financial security and the yacht or small craft must be exported within 12 months." The requirement of not being a permanent resident is the criteria not met
  2. Max

    GST and Import duty

    Can a NZ citizen and boat owner do a temporary importation of a boat into NZ if the boats is only going to be here for a period under 12 months.
  3. Max

    GST and Import duty

    What would happen if the owner is not present on the boat? and what proof of ownership is required?
  4. If a yacht comes into NZ waters for a period less than 2 years what criteria do they use to assess if the boat is due to pay taxes or indeed a NZ import. Flag country of the boat, Country of ownership of the boat or captains citizenship. And if so what documentation do they require.?
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