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  1. A big thanks to all those who responded to my last posting and especially to the Club Commodores who responded either to me or to the Waikawa Boating Club directly offering their support on the issue. It is now really obvious that this is a major issue and one the Board at Yachting NZ will do well to listen to. Regarding the levy being paid multiple times by those who are a member of more than two clubs I would like to draw your attention to a motion that was passed at the Yachting NZ AGM back in 2017 moved and promoted by the Waikawa Boating Club: The preamble was as follows: This m
  2. An Open Letter to Yachting New Zealand’s Board Members, Club Commodores around NZ and anyone else who enjoys Yachting – Cruising or Racing. As a former Club Manager, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Executive Member, Club Handicapper Sponsor and sundry other positions in yachting over the past 40 years I feel well qualified to make comment on the issues surrounding Yachting NZ and its Fees/Levy demands. My home club these days is the Waikawa Boating Club in Picton. My Club has been in conflict with Yachting NZ and its fees/levy since 1995 when we first voiced our concerns as to why Yachtin
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