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  1. Finally could go sailing after the lockdown and yes, it was an easy fix. Another stupid question. Is it a good idea to climb up the mast when the boat is in the water? I mean the boat is not big and it has only lifting keel… (stratus 747 with lifting keel) I dont want to end up in the water or worse in neighbour‘s boat… Thanks.
  2. Sounds like an easy fix. Thanks all.
  3. I found a photo which shows the issue. Also if I reset the gooseneck height the force loading the sail will act higher. So I guess this will affect the stability of the boat?
  4. I couldnt lower the sail more because the rail (or whatever is the correct name) in which luff slides along the mast terminates in some distance from boom and does not go all the way down to the boom. What BP suggested will probably work but tack and clew will be “fixed” at different height. I thought that was the main problem but I might be missing something. Will have a proper look on the weekend and take some pictures.
  5. Thanks, I have contacted Josh. We were sailing with reefed main sail for the first time last weekend. We had an issue with luff reefing cringle. When we lowered the mainsail to put in a reef our cringle was still too far away from the cringle horn and we couldn't lower the sail any more. I had to tie an extra line to luff cringle to attach it to the horn then. The sail was pretty baggy after that. It worked but was suboptimal. I don't have any photo at the moment but though I will ask anyway. Does this mean our boom is too low and should be higher?
  6. We ended up buying Stratus 747 off one great guy in Seaview marina. We were quite hesitant firstly beacuse the boat has a lifting keel and we will probably not be able (brave, confident, skilled enough) to sail it accross Cook Strait. Then we realised it doesnt matter so much now. We wanted to start learning as soon as possible and this boat would keep us sailing for now, even if it would be only for couple of years and around the harbour. Long story short we have a boat and are happy as never. Can anyone recommend a rigger in Wellington region? - we would like to replace standing r
  7. Thank you. That's really helpfull. Looks like there is less boats in our price range on trademe at the moment. Regarding the keel boats, what is the disadvantage here? Is it expensive/difficult to change them when they are rusty?
  8. I am sure there is plenty of great GOP boats. I am not totally against GOP, I just thought GRP will be easier for maintenance and maybe less maintenance? We want to sail not repair/build... I know there will be always some work to do but the less the better. i came across other boats which looks good to me. What do you think about compass 790 and Tracker 7.7? If you were to compare those to Raven 26? Cheers,
  9. Thank you, Yes, I have noticed. Looks like too much a project for us and I have been told to avoid GOP boats.
  10. Thank you! I am aware of Cook Strait (well at least from what I have read so far). That is the goal. Get confident enough to do the crossing. If we end up in Mana we will definitely join Mana Cruising Club and take the opportunity to do the fleet crossing. Not many Ravens on sale at the moment...What do you thing about this one? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3084130849?bof=gQOBdH3j
  11. Hi all, A little bit of background about us. We (me and my partner) are beginner sailors. We started just about a year ago with introductory sailing course in Port Nic and then sailed several weekends (a few races and some cruising from Mana). We have been talking about buying a boat pretty much from our sailing inception but it was more of a dream than a plan. But we have realized recently it does not have to be just a dream and it might be feasible for us to own our boat. Our idea is to buy a small boat we can take out as often as possible. I started with a little bit of research
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