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  1. Turned out the muffs weren't sufficient. Dropped it in a deep bucket of water and it bang there's pressure! Stoked. Now for the trim. It's slowly drops. Guessing it needs a rebuild. Anyone worked with an old unit like this?
  2. Kia ora everyone Just new to the forum. Been a keen on fishing for years and had a few boats here and there. Now that the kids a littler older I thought I'd get back into it. Picked up a plylite fisherman on Facebook Market place recently. It had been sitting for years with no use so it was a risky purchase but a great price. Anyway, after working out they had the hand pump on back to front I was able to get her started however quickly noticed she wasn't pumping out any water. Switched her off, removed the leg and went to check the impeller and noticed that the grommet to the impel
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