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  1. Hi are any cruiser/racers keen on an extra crew for the race? Fair bit of experience
  2. Wanting steeting pedestal for 35 footer
  3. Does anyone have any info on the boat 'trondo' now nan rosa?
  4. Hi looking to buy a gmi 20 and a garmin radar Cheers
  5. Looking for a good runner to upgrade from my 20hp
  6. Okay cheers! Just ordered one
  7. Does anyone have a perspex viewing dome for on the cabin top? Cheers
  8. Yep we have one in ours, good little dinosaur, the last owner neglected the motor for 10 years so shes pretty sad
  9. Needing one ine decent condition
  10. Looking for a manual amchor winch with a 10mm gypsy
  11. Mast boom and rigging wanted for a bluewater cruising
  12. Yep id be happy to take rimu if anyone has any
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