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  1. Looking for a good runner to upgrade from my 20hp
  2. Okay cheers! Just ordered one
  3. Does anyone have a perspex viewing dome for on the cabin top? Cheers
  4. Yep we have one in ours, good little dinosaur, the last owner neglected the motor for 10 years so shes pretty sad
  5. Needing one ine decent condition
  6. Looking for a manual amchor winch with a 10mm gypsy
  7. Mast boom and rigging wanted for a bluewater cruising
  8. Yep id be happy to take rimu if anyone has any
  9. Does anyone know were to get teak? Im looking for a salb about 400x600mm or enough strips to cover
  10. Hi im after a ssb antenna for my coden 8121 ssb radio
  11. Before i buy new, does anyone have a garmin radar thet are wanting to sell?
  12. Hi is anyone selling a good condition garmim radar?
  13. Hey thanks for that! Im looking for something along the lines of the digital yacjtsbais transponder, can stretch the budget for the right one
  14. I have a garmin echomaps 70s and a gpsmaps 751xs on my boat. The wind gear is the raymarine st60+ is there anyway to make these work together?
  15. Looking for a working ais transponder for around $500. I have a garmin gps maps and an echomaps aswel as a lowrence link 8 vhf
  16. Is anyone wanting to sell their iridium go?
  17. Hi is anyone looking for crew for the auckland to tauranga race?
  18. Hi im wanting to find any boat to crew on for ssanz, done a fair bit of sailing, mainly cruising but some racing. Thanks
  19. Sailor808

    Ross 830

    I'm searching for a ross 830 hull and decks/ run down 830, any help appreciated thanks
  20. Definitely lol Ops, its a van de stadt seal 36
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