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  1. Thank you for that quick reply. Will investigate the Javelin and Fireball. Another alternative I see popping up are a range of the RS dinghy's (https://www.rssailing.com/range/all-boats/), Also 420s and 470s? Perhaps will check at the local yacht clubs to see whats popular. Cheers
  2. Hi, I understand the NS14 dinghy is very popular in Australia (https://ns14.org/) - however, how popular is it in NZ? how easy would it be to get spare parts for it in NZ? I'm looking at getting an adult dingy, and the NS14 has come up in discussions. If not the NS14, what would be a good adult dingy to consider in NZ? I'd looking for a stable adult dingy, that can easily handle 2 adults, with a possibility of a trapeze (in the future). Thank you, TR
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