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  1. No Booboo it does'not. I thought as you did too but whatever attachment to the headboard must surely be loading the masthead and sheave pin the same amount. Sure there is extra friction when the rope is moving thru the shackle but when stopped it is all same. As for the shroud base issue. I understand the width/ loading numbers but when practical assessment is considered to a narrow yacht where the beam differences are so small and the dissection angles of attachment of the stays are so minimal there is bugger all difference in compression calcs. In a cat it would count and yea
  2. Dude

    foiling upwind

    No team has successfully foiled upwind for more that a few moments after a mark rounding. And in extreme bear away situations.
  3. Dude

    Todays racing update

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy it to but for different reasons... 1. Waiting for a actual race 2. Waiting for a close race or even a close finish. 3. Waiting for competition, aggro, some fight from someone, an aggressive start by LR, competition, ..something resembling a race But mostly I am waiting for and enjoying the tension of Destruction
  4. ... how are you where are you?... Today out on the bay destruction 3.0, previously known as race 3, proceed as per usual and once again there was extreme excitement for 200 seconds as the start gun fired and the first Beat got underway. As per usual there was some attempt to make Borefest2013 look like something resembling a match race but as this "twinkle in a true sailors eye" dwindled...BANG! we had action and some real "blow torch on your Y front" gear failure .... then nothing as Luna tosser limped of the course.-.again. Results to date... ETNZ - 1 breakdown, one nose dive
  5. storage wars is awesome Nearly as good as a foiling tack aye R780 They don't even foil upwind yet dude.
  6. Did a ding ding ding ding. Ding ding ding Did a ding ding ding.... I think the winning AC team should take the losers yacht out and sail it to destruction. Forget the racing let's go for CARNAGE!!!
  7. How low can you go... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 727798.htm A lot of bang for buck... and $40k wiped off overnite.
  8. Speaking to a dude down in Wairarapa the other day and he was saying that insurance Co's are refusing to insure anything property between ChCh and Palm North. I think another big earthquake in NZ, that caused some big property loss, could see people lose all equity in their house. EQC is broke. Insurance Co,s are morally/ethically bankrupt/not getting re-imsurance... A boat should be a easy thing to insure ... in the grand scheme of things
  9. And watching live is very interesting. The bleeches are empty, but downtown is full. storage wars is a better watch... yyeeeeeerrrrpp!
  10. Live aboard and pump action shotgun Or.. razor wire....electrified
  11. Knotty is right onto it. They are like barbed wire/razor wire fences to low brows or electric fences to horses. What about a Velcro deck (female side) and velcro shoes and gear (male hook side.... lean with that! While talking about leaning... can some one tell Toyota that Catamarans are not leaners!!! I bet its satchi and satchi who thought that up
  12. What match up??? There is no Match racing in the AC anymore. And... OR may not even be allowed to race... or they may break into small bits of carbon. Same can be said for LR or ETNZ. I could easily see the wind limit being dropped to 0 - 5.229949302 knots at this rate Could be that the fittest survive to challenge a defender, that shot its foot off, in a regattta of sprint races (if you can call them a race) that will be remembered for the carnage rather than the skill of sailing. Loving the carnage though
  13. If lifelines are as bad as KM suggests, and I think they are, then you are better without them than relying on a price of dodgy string that may fail.
  14. it does have a cockpit though.
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