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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies/thoughts. I really appreciate it. It's certainly got me thinking, and dreaming, a lot more about it and as a couple of you said, it'll be worth me 'testing the waters' (I've never used that line and meant it literally!) for a while before leaping boots and all... I'll continue wandering down this path and I'm pretty sure I'll end up on the water in some way, shape or form. Thanks again and if I succeed you'll be welcome aboard for glass of something anytime! Dave
  2. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the forum so bear with me! After a couple of recent life-changing events (health and relationship - don't worry, I won't bore you!), and after years of dreaming about it, I'm now seriously considering becoming a 'live aboard' in sunnier climbs (BOI?) I have a little bit of experience on the water (sail, not cruise) through family/friends over a number of years but have never owned my own - maybe now!! About myself and situation now: I'm in my 50's, still working (and will continue to do so) and can do so from anywhere (thanks COVID!). I have
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