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  1. Would love to go for another sail on her but sadly he's an old owner
  2. Does anyone know who owns the clandestine jet now?
  3. Yep seems steep haha looking at the listing now it was antifouled in 2013 so it must be an old one!
  4. Sadly the guys at pascoes aren't willing to sell
  5. Only the ones on trademe sorry, there's also this one if you have the budget https://westhavenmarinebrokers.co.nz/boat-info.php?id=97
  6. Cheers! Il look into that one, looking to spend around 25k so definitely not a flash one
  7. Hi does anyone have or know of a run down 1020 for sale? Not wanting to spend huge dollars on the purchase, just looking for a good project. Would also consider buying a half share with the intent on the next rni Thanks
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