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  1. I need someone to go up the mast in Tauranga. I used to use Mike McCormick years ago, but I heard that he had passed away? Does anyone know if the business is still operating? Any alternative in the area?
  2. I've been living on my Nonsuch 30 for a reasonable period of time now (there are several country-music songs that discuss why). I had the opportunity to sleep in a "land-bed" while travelling on business the other day and couldn't get to sleep. Why? I missed my crackling friends...the NZ snapping shrimp that keep me company at night (pop, crackle, snap, snap, pop). They are sure doing well on my hull (haul out in November) and the dock next to me. I was told that their "snap" has been recorded at 218 dB....seems high.
  3. I can't help but feel a wee bit guilty...and a wee bit lucky. My MT403's battery was set to expire September 1 when I processed the recall in mid August. I have just received a brand new MT403 with a battery life to 2021.
  4. Been there, done that. You're on the right track. http://www.kiwiboatowner.com/2013/08/painting-nether-regions.html
  5. Hi all, What is the proper way to join wires that require different crimp connectors? For example, I bought LED lights that come with tiny wires (I won't even hazard a gauge....SMALL!). The leads feeding them are not large, but are several times larger. I can't crimp them together, so what do I do? Also, I have another situation where I have 3 x 18 AWG wires brought together, and I need to join this to another very small wire. Can I use some sort of mechanical connectors? I can't use a bar because the wires need to tuck up under a light fixture. Thanks for any help. J
  6. I just received an email from the Coastguard, who are acting on behalf of GME Kingray to issue voluntary recalls for GME EPIRBs models MT400/MT401/MT403. I don't know what the problem is, but they are issuing brand new units to owners. While this may be an inconvenience to some, mine was about to expire in less than a year so I am thrilled, just saved a heap of $$ You can find more about the recall by emailing them a recall@gme.net.au http://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/Recreational-Boating/Communications-equipment/GME-EPIRB-safety-recall.pdf John
  7. Does anyone know if/where one could get aluminium LPG tanks re-certified? I'm in the BOP. Cheers,
  8. What an incredibly-timely report! I have been planning a re-stitch and re-glass of my dodger for months, and I have actually just finished renovating an industrial walking-foot sewing machine. The reason I haven't started is simple, I can't find anyone who will sell me some clear vinyl! When I call the marine upholstery places they offer to do the job for me (as you say..$$$), and fair enough, but then the vinyl supply house want to sell me 150m. Can you please tell me where you managed to find the vinyl? What a great forum...seriously chuffed.
  9. Island_Moose


    This weather has, in fact, opened up new sailing opportunities. This is the rugby pitch in Tauranga:
  10. So far...so bad. The Harbour Master says all berths and moorings have long long waiting lists. I have contacted Kinloch Marina, waiting for a reply. For such a large and deep lake I am surprised by the lack of permanent facilities.
  11. I know nothing about the state of affairs on Lake Taupo as it relates to berthing/mooring a sailboat. I have a work opportunity that makes moving to Taupo a possibility. I draw 1.2m, 30ft LOA
  12. Thanks for the replies. My polishing system is independent of the engine fueling system, I can run the boat on the day tank while I polish the main tank. The day tank holds 20l, which is almost 10hrs cruising (Westerbeke 35D3). The engine supply has 3 filters, one of which is a Racor filter/sep with a 5 micron element. I filled my main tank up last year and recently pumped it all out and burned it in my ute, I just don't use very much fuel. Im building this system so that if I ever fill the main up again (the mythical cruise next summer), I won't have to stress about the diesel g
  13. It is a cav filter (5-7 micron). The pump is a Facet style cube pump, very similar to the lift pump on the boat's engine. 5/9 psi, 110l/hr is what they claim.
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