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  1. I need someone to go up the mast in Tauranga.  I used to use Mike McCormick years ago, but I heard that he had passed away?  Does anyone know if the business is still operating?  Any alternative in the area?

  2. I've been living on my Nonsuch 30 for a reasonable period of time now (there are several country-music songs that discuss why). I had the opportunity to sleep in a "land-bed" while travelling on business the other day and couldn't get to sleep. Why? I missed my crackling friends...the NZ snapping shrimp that keep me company at night (pop, crackle, snap, snap, pop).


    They are sure doing well on my hull (haul out in November) and the dock next to me. I was told that their "snap" has been recorded at 218 dB....seems high.



  3. Hi all,


    What is the proper way to join wires that require different crimp connectors? For example, I bought LED lights that come with tiny wires (I won't even hazard a gauge....SMALL!). The leads feeding them are not large, but are several times larger. I can't crimp them together, so what do I do?


    Also, I have another situation where I have 3 x 18 AWG wires brought together, and I need to join this to another very small wire.


    Can I use some sort of mechanical connectors? I can't use a bar because the wires need to tuck up under a light fixture.


    Thanks for any help.



  4. I just received an email from the Coastguard, who are acting on behalf of GME Kingray to issue voluntary recalls for GME EPIRBs models MT400/MT401/MT403.


    I don't know what the problem is, but they are issuing brand new units to owners. While this may be an inconvenience to some, mine was about to expire in less than a year so I am thrilled, just saved a heap of $$ :thumbup:


    You can find more about the recall by emailing them a recall@gme.net.au






  5. What an incredibly-timely report! I have been planning a re-stitch and re-glass of my dodger for months, and I have actually just finished renovating an industrial walking-foot sewing machine.blogger-image-988714084.jpg


    The reason I haven't started is simple, I can't find anyone who will sell me some clear vinyl! When I call the marine upholstery places they offer to do the job for me (as you say..$$$), and fair enough, but then the vinyl supply house want to sell me 150m.


    Can you please tell me where you managed to find the vinyl? What a great forum...seriously chuffed. :D

  6. Thanks for the replies.


    My polishing system is independent of the engine fueling system, I can run the boat on the day tank while I polish the main tank. The day tank holds 20l, which is almost 10hrs cruising (Westerbeke 35D3).


    The engine supply has 3 filters, one of which is a Racor filter/sep with a 5 micron element.


    I filled my main tank up last year and recently pumped it all out and burned it in my ute, I just don't use very much fuel. Im building this system so that if I ever fill the main up again (the mythical cruise next summer), I won't have to stress about the diesel going nasty (I keep it topped up).


    It's also a lot of cool brass valves...I like 'systems'

  7. It is a cav filter (5-7 micron). The pump is a Facet style cube pump, very similar to the lift pump on the boat's engine. 5/9 psi, 110l/hr is what they claim.






    What is the pump?

    I assume you are using a CAV filter. That's the one with the glass bowl on the bottom. Can't think of anything much cheaper than those and still have it work well enough to be worth the effort.

  8. What happens when the diesel pump you got cheap flows twice the amount of fuel (theoretically) than the diesel filter you got cheap?


    I have a 110L tank, so I bought a 110L/hr pump...turns out the filter (filter/separator) only flows 45L/hr.


    Is the filter going to implode? Is the pump going to explode?



  9. My engine sits under the cockpit in an enormous open space (transom is 6 ft across) and the engine noise reverberates. I painted the entire area last winter with a primer, which made an appreciable difference. I'm thinking the Silet Running paint would be a relatively-cheap experiment compared to the sound-proofing sheets, which I estimate would cost me $1000 in materials alone.

  10. A good example of this NZ profiteering became apparant to me when I went looking for 2 double finger clutch units (Lewmar).


    I bought two from West Marine in the USA, and had them on my door (shipping, exchange, duty and GST) for 25% less than the price of ONE at a NZ distributor.


    That's what, 125% mark-up?


    Retailers struggling with online purchasing? Ya think?


    I put it down to small turnover. Retailers have to pay all of their bills on a tiny volume of sales. I don't think that labour is any cheaper in Canada than it is here, nor do I think commercial rental in Vancouver is any different from Auckland.


    I would never order basics like sealant and fasteners from overseas, just not worth the trouble. I sign on to Google when things get to $100.

  11. I would appear to be in the presence of an actual expert I missed the proprietary Garmin language altogether. My mis-information was well-intended. :)


    I hope at least I'm proven right about the yellow wire.


    Going through this on my system was made easier by my B&G not having options for data transfer, just sentence selection.

  12. BTW, did you know that after you solve this minor hiccup, you can also connect a few more wires that means that if anyone else out there (like me) is using the GPS-VHF set-up, when I call you my position will show up on your chartplotter?


    Brown (NMEA OUT -) to NMEA IN- on chartplotter

    White (NMEA OUT +) to NMEA IN + on charplotter.


    Remember....NMEA IN has a + and -

    NMEA OUT has a + and -

  13. Garmin has only ever produced NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data-producing equipment. Raymarine used "Seatalk" at one point, but not Garmin. It stands to reason then that the Garmin and uniden are entirely compatible. Garmin units transmit all the sentences beginning with PGR...that the Uniden should understand.


    The blue wire from the Garmin connects to the yellow wire on the Uniden, and the black (earth) from the Garmin connects to the bare wire on the Uniden. The Uniden UM380 manual clearly states that NMEA IN (+) is yellow, not green (which is NMEA IN (-)). If this doesn't work, the Garmin isn't transmitting.


    Use the yellow wire and report back. You have to understand that there is an NMEA IN + and - Use the NMEA In +....which is yellow. :thumbup:





    PAGE #29

  14. See "Solution 1" at the bottom of the page. Just did this last year.


    http://www.kiwiboatowner.com/2013/07/el ... oject.html


    Your GPS antenna will be transmitting NMEA 0183 sentences to your chartplotter. Intercepting these sentences at a junction box (terminal strip) is as easy as splicing a couple of wires once you find which one has the signal.


    Because NMEA signals are so fast, a multimeter won't help, so if you don't have a manual that tells you, you will need an electronic specialist with a meter that can detect the signal.


    You simply intercept this signal and split it, one to your chartplotter and one to your VHF (get an appropriate pin for the VHF plug). Where to stick it in the VHF? Again, a manual is required, you are looking for NMEA IN.

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