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  1. I guess if a catamaran tips over you definitely want the rig to collapse
  2. Haha yeah was scratching my head when you said if I fell on it. Sorry I should have said shrouds. I think I'll get a rigger to check it out once I'm up there
  3. Yeah I hear you. Do you know roughly what loads are generated when rigs usually fail? Is there a common weakest link?
  4. Yeah that's comforting. I'm pretty sure they are covered so hopefully mine are more than 80% as well. I guess the only way to check is take them off and put a load cell on them and if happy then put back on?
  5. 60% is a bit unnerving but I think they are covered and I guess the UV up there isnt as bad
  6. Any advice on my side stays. They are 20mm dyneema. Not sure if they are 2010 or 2016. Apart from inspecting for chafing or uv damage by looking for snapped fibers what else can I do apart from just replacing them as a preventative measure?
  7. Yeah after more research I won't be stopping anywhere. So will well and truly have my quarantine finished before arrival.
  8. Yeah the quarantine clock is reset if I stop at manerva. I can have that up my sleeve as a place to wait if needed and just do the extra quarantine on the boat once in NZ
  9. At the moment it looks like id need to follow the Samoan latitude due to the trades but I guess as the months progress that will move south and it could be a due west run and not risk loosing the wind. If I stop at the cooks and then again in Tonga I guess by the time I reach opua I won't have much isolation left to do to make up my 2 weeks. Manerva would be a good option as well if I am a bit unsure about the window
  10. Hi team I am sailing an Outremer 45 2001 catamaran from Tahiti to NZ in October. I'm not an experienced sailor but do have sailing experience and heaps of motor vessel experience. Any advice would be appreciated. I've been told Jon, Booboo and island time are on here and know a thing or two. Once back in NZ my wife and 3 young ones will hop aboard and we will be living onboard. Thanks in advance
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