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  1. Howdy all! You may or may not remember me asking for advice about buying a boat and living on it last year- well I've just finished sailing around Northland and Great Barrier and Im now living aboard in Auckland. Life is much better when your outboard isn't almost dying every time you try to get home. The outboard ran great for the last 3 weeks but has now developed oil fouling on the spark plugs. I've changed them twice in 10 days already, I was hoping it was just an issue from maybe leaving it on its side but I would have thought the oil would have burned off by now. I only use
  2. Doing me a favor by renting me a publicly owned asset at an inflated price and scraping some off the top to line his pockets. I suppose he could just keep it empty, but personally I think the harbormaster should cancel leases that aren't being used for say 12 months. Whats to say he doesnt have 10 or 15 pile moorings that he is collecting on....
  3. Howdy, In my search for a mooring I've come across a gentleman subletting a mooring for about $600 extra per year than he pays Auckland Transport, the owner of the mooring. The whole thing seems pretty shady to me, has avoided providing his lease agreement when I requested and wants a deposit of $120. Im extremely hesitant to send him a dime, but I don't want to be in a desperate position next year as I will be living aboard. On a personal level I'm tempted to just forward his emails to the Harbormaster, obviously profiteering off of moorings you don't own is a breach of his lease (if he
  4. Hey guys, you may remember I posted a few months ago looking for advice on buying a yacht with a few friends, none of which have any experience. Thanks for all of your advice, I am now the owner of a Stewart 34. I am hoping to liveaboard while I study in Auckland next year, as it seems to be a very economical solution. I'll be studying at AUT south Campus so it looks like the Tamaki river would be the closest and best suited to find a mooring. Unfortunately it doen't look like they come up often, was wondering if anyone had any advice on living aboard in the Tamaki river and where to find a mo
  5. Sounds like a plan then. From the sounds of it buying a boat in Marlborough is off the cards. I had contacted a surveyor to look at that boat and he gave me a pricing estimate of "length of the boat in meters x my age (73) plus 105 mileage". You marine folk sure are interesting 😂
  6. Have fun, don't kill yourself. I think that could be my mantra to life.
  7. Must've just been listed, hadn't come across it yet. Looks beautiful - Will definitely enquire.
  8. Thanks, really appreciate the advice 🙂
  9. Howdy guys and gals, As I'm sure has been common in the last year, having closed borders has made me want to see a bit more of my own country and do something new. I am fortunate to be young and have very little commitments other than going back to university at the end of summer. I've been travelling the last few years and have a little bit of coin and I've decided that I want to turn that into no coin and by a boat (lol) and learn some new skills, spend the summer on the water. I've managed to sell a few friends on the idea, which will give me the opportunity to share the adventur
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