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  1. What do I see in the way of rubbish in the Sandspit estuary? Mainly fishing line caught in seaweed and plastic bait bags. But there’s probably lots not seen…. Try untangling a frightened and biting shag from fishing line caught round its feet and wings-not for the fainthearted! Pretty ghastly seeing a shag hanging in their breeding tree alongside the channel, its neck caught up in fishing line, or finding a gannet corpse with a large hook down inside its stomach. Aluminium cans, bits of solid plastic rubbish, pieces of timber, tantalised and not- washed up on really hightides into the sa
  2. You may find Gilbert and Sullivan boring,....but you found it irresistible enough to have read it didn't you! Thank you. It gladdens my heart that you are watching so carefully.
  3. I’ve been reading the latest Marina society news on their website and some of the assertions in Mahurangi Matters re the imminence of the proposed Sandspit marina. A certain Gilbert & Sullivan song immediately comes to mind. Things are seldom what they seem, Skim milk masquerades as cream; Highlows pass as patent leathers; Jackdaws strut in peacock's feathers. Very true, So they do. Black sheep dwell in every fold; All that glitters is not gold; Storks turn out to be but logs; Bulls are but inflated frogs. So they be, Frequentlee. Drops the wind and stops the mill; Turbot is
  4. Here's something really worth looking at. www.whangateauharbourcare.org "What can happen if you build a marina in a silting estuary" It's a photo essay so not too difficult to absorb the realities for those who dislike too many words.
  5. Good research Knot Me. Interesting that the marina boys reckon that all the berths are sold and the money is in the kitty, yet this basic requirement of their consent of having sold all the berths and all the money deposited with the trustee, doesn't seem to stack up with 34 berths unsold? That means almost one quarter of the berths are yet to be sold. Thinking of the welfare of the real SYC members as opposed to the marina newbys, hopefully you are aware that anyone who wants a berth needs to join the club as part of buying a berth. So when one declares that this project is an SYC project
  6. Knot Me, on another Marine Talk thread I believe you were challenged by Khayyam “go on then, set the record straight” because it seems to me that you can throw the insults but knot back it up with facts. “ soaking up all the other benefits the marina will bring to the area” Knot me said. I asked; “And maybe Knot Me could list the benefits to the SYC members of this marina project?” Well, come on Knot Me, set the record straight and list those benefits to the community and to all the SYC members, not just the newby marina members and the few businessmen who are promoting the marina project f
  7. Here’s something for readers (and dogs) to chew on. How could this project be quoted on and priced, without a full barging and dumping plan? Is the cost going to blow out?? And if so who pays the ferryman? The SYC members? As in the ones who don’t have a berth but have to wear the consent conditions? Grinna was so right when he wrote on 23rd January 2014 “ If the cost of transporting dredgings from here to there is going to financially corrupt a marina, its basically screwed from the start." Why hasn’t Shorebreeze got past the topic on Page 1? Maybe because there are no straight answers? Ju
  8. Banaari.....I doubt the marina bathtub will be swept by water as in the meaning of swept…a vigorous swooshing, cleaning all before the sweeper being the tide. More an inflow, dropping sediment in the quiet waters, then as the tide goes out, water flow out, leaving sediment behind in the ‘bathtub.’ The sediment question was raised in the previous thread last year. Maybe you would like to re-read that thread? Knot Me, you ask what is my ultimate outcome and why? Maybe read the opening statement of this debate thread and enlightenment may follow. It is for SYCMS to disclose - where they are g
  9. Island time I couldn't agree with you more re; "Frankly I'm surprised it seems this has not been done?" If the marina society had done due diligence on this matter at the outset, it would have saved a lot of debate ever since and the investors could have made an informed decision. But now...do they believe a reputable scientist or do they believe just some theoretical opinion without site specific data?
  10. What would the marina basin be 'swept' by Banaari? It's a big bathtub waiting to fill with whatever comes down the Glen Eden river channel. Watch that river after heavy rain and its a strong yellow colour. Currently it may well 'sweep' by, but dig a hole and with the quiet waters there, wouldn't it just settle out nicely? But hey, why doesn't someone just simply ask Dr Grace to get his work peer reviewed and then publish the results? And thank you Terry B. I had a look at the link you posted and noticed something else really interesting re the proposed marina dredging. An article title
  11. Since Dr Grace is a scientist of considerable excellent reputation in scientific circles would it not be just possible that he consulted sedimentation experts to design his sediment measuring method before spending so much voluntary time and energy to see what sediment is doing in the Sandspit and Whangateau harbours? Isn’t it interesting that SYCMS did no sediment testing of any type? It relied on theoretical estimates only. Not exactly very scientific or thorough of them was it? Especially if one is dealing with a $20 million + project? Dr Grace’s measurements in the 2 different harbours
  12. Banaari, I love your sense of humour as you allowed me to revisit some excellent Wednesday night entertainment. Here’s a real laugh from a marina newsletter writer. As I said before, what was that guy on? Below is my exotic recreational pharmaceutical denied to the rest of you unless you have been following this thread with attention and understanding of the issues and what is at stake for what was a yachties heaven-SYC. The marina people wrote the quote below, not me. “Marina update - 27 April 2012 “ "......these newsletters are the foaming bow wave in front of an oil tanker. You are all p
  13. Knot Me - so are you saying the marina is not going ahead? Maybe you know more than I do? Have the marina investors been informed? Will we be seeing a posting on TradeMe - marina consent going cheap…..? Have the SYC members been told that the consent can be sold on, to the highest bidder? And have the SYC members been told that they would still be responsible for the consent conditions? Couldn’t it be a drain on the SYC kitty, what is left in it, after the purchase of the Brick Bay Drive property for a marina carpark? But it is Knot Me who seems to be informing the community that the ma
  14. Knot Me said "Nice state of play update by the SYC the other day. Seems they are somewhat over being misrepresented and having what they say twisted so often. No wonder they have been scared to say much out loud. Hard to blame them after reading this thread as it also has a more than its fair share of fact twisting and misrepresentation." Yes, Knot Me, this thread sure has some fact twisting and great to see that SYC is at last making an update. Marina update on 26 February, by SYC. Also pleasing to see no ‘penguins and oil tanker bow waves’ in that update. What was that guy on? The
  15. AND if the marina boys won't give comment to the media who report openly and fairly, presenting all sides of a debate, then what hope would a community member have? So, go ask the SYC some say? I suggest I'd get a better answer from a brick wall. Where are the 120,000 cu m of dredgings going? Actually, I think I have the answer..its going nowhere. ?
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